-Review- Bring Backup - "Shell Stories" EP

El Reno, OK based pop/punk band Bring Backup gets their "Shell Stories" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: El Reno, OK
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

Pop/punk has had a bit of a resurgence lately. Bring Backup is setting up to carry the pop/punk flag with their debut EP "Shell Stories". "Dropout's Rhetoric" kicks things off with a New Found Glory type track. The track is upbeat and hits all the right notes. "Party In '83" is absolute gold. The catchy, crunchy, melodic sound on the track is perfect for all pop/punk lovers. "Past Times And Lifelines" is a single and perfectly understandable why. The song is catchy and really strikes the right chord. It's a radio friendly track that the listener will fall in love with. The breakdown and guitar solo on the track really make it shine. "Road Trip" keeps things rocking and pulls out all the stops for a classic summer pop/punk track. The track channels some of the sweet sounds of the genres humble beginnings. "Don't Be Sorry, Be Better" closes out the EP in stunning detail. The track is gleaming with catchy pop/punk and will make the listener salivate for much more. There's such a tremendous amount of awesome pop/punk within the five tracks on the EP, you'd be heartbroken that the EP stops when it does.

If you dig pop/punk, do yourself a favor and check out Bring Backup. This EP is five tracks of pop/punk fun that you can rarely find on a debut EP.