-Review- Meka Nism - "The Shift: Anthems For A Revolution" EP

Orlando, FL metal band Meka Nism gets their "The Shift: Anthems For A Revolution" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Orlando, FL
Sounds like: Metal

Meka Nism are a band from Orlando, FL looking to come up through the ranks of the metal world with their unique metal sound. "The Shift" track opens with a sample of "The Great Dictator" before heading into a ferocious breakdown riddled with female fronted Otep/Kittie-esque vocals. The track is heavy and a shot of adrenaline to kick things off. "Mekamorphosis" starts off with a guitar riff then transitions into a melodic synth breakdown. The track is a bit slower than the opening track but is a spiritual journey into the world of Meka Nism. It's a moody, Atmospheric endeavor into creativity. The track has shades of Iron Maiden or Lacuna Coil. "From Out Of Nowhere" is a driving track that is high tempo and rarely slows down for a break. The melody is outstanding in the track and is extremely catchy. "Mouth Of God" continues the warpath as the ground will shake with the devastating heaviness and melodic singing on the track. It's a wonderful track and should be on every metal-heads playlist. "Phoenix" closes things out with a dual vocal track that explodes into a controlled chaos full of layered melodic metal. It's a fantastic closer and makes the listener yearn for even more tracks to listen to.

Meka Nism has the goods on this EP. The signature Meka Nism sound is perfectly produced and showcased to the fullest. Be prepared for a metal journey unlike any other with this EP from Meka Nism.