-Review- Aeliana - "Equilibrium" Album

Aeliana looks to set the bar even higher for Tennessee metal.


From: Sparta, TN
Sounds like: Metal

Tennessee has a history with metal music. From Whitechapel to A Plea For Purging, they know how to thrown down in the south. Coming up in the TN metal scene with their full length "Equilibrium" is Aeliana. "The Bend" kicks off the album with an instrumental intro track that contains a ferocious breakdown and melodic riffs that helps kick things off right. "To Great Heights" comes in like a cyclone and sets out to destroy everything in its path. The track is comparable to Bullet For My Valentine as its heavy yet melodic. The guitar solo near the end of the track is top notch. "Distress" is a metalcore track that really knows how to turn it up to 11. The track really soars with its controlled chaos and shades of melody. Once again, the guitar work is stellar. "Lay It Down" has single written all over it. It's catchy, heavy and has that extra crunch that metalheads will eat up. It's the longest track on the album, clocking in at over seven minutes. "Alt-146" is an outstanding instrumental track that really showcases the true talents of the band. "Deviate" brings back the vocals and really kicks things into high gear. The track has shades of Haste The Day and is really a stand out track on the album. "Balance" is up next and the mix of melodic and harsh vocals work really well. The overall tone of the track may be a little bit slower than previous tracks but the depth shown on the track is something truly special. "Entity" brings the barrage of excitement from the get go. The track will surely get the pits moving at the live shows and the crowd singing along. "The Break" closes out the album with a complement to the first track on the album. The instrumental track is a nice closer to a very good album.

Aeliana have a metal album here that will cater to any metalheads taste. Every fan of metal or metalcore should have this in their collection.