-Review- Colour & Codeine - "If I Die Tomorrow" EP

Colour & Codeine are ready to infect airwaves everywhere with their rock sound.


From: Amityville, PA
Sounds like: Rock

This EP from Pennsylvania's Colour & Codeine came out in 2014. While waiting for new music from the band. let's go back and reflect on their debut EP. "We Are The Youth" kicks things off with a tight upbeat alternative rock track. The track sounds like it was made for radio as it hits all the right notes. "Pushing Past Patterns" has an early 2000's rock feel to it. The track brings to mind the band Skillet with its strong, passionate lyrics among the super catchy rock sound. The harder aspects of the track feel natural and seem to add an added dimension. "Right Hand Man" keeps things at a high pace. The track is oozing that high energy that help make it a real standout. "Never Settle For Less" has a bit of a pop punk influence. It's another banger on the album as it treads between the alternative rock and pop punk styles perfectly. This track sounds like it'd be a great music video track. The synth laden breakdowns are a nice touch. "If I Die Tomorrow" is an ender that still manages to pack a bit of a punch. It ends things on a high note. We can't wait to hear new music from the band.

Colour & Codeine have such a radio friendly rock sound on this EP that every track could be an explosive single. It's that good.