-Review- Mutiny Abroad - "Vultures And Vices" EP

Mutiny Abroad unleashes hardcore devastation via their new six song EP.


From: Long Island, NY
Sounds like: Hardcore

Long Island, New York hardcore music has a rich tradition with bands like Vision Of Disorder, From Autumn To Ashes, Glassjaw, and Sick Of It All to more modern bands like Stray From The Path. Mutiny Abroad brings their punk/hardcore hybrid sound in full force in their newest six song EP. "The Devil Is Just A Lonely Guy Named Stan" comes blasting through with Every Time I Die's "Hot Damn" era like fury. The track is fast, heavy and keeps the gang chants coming throughout its nearly three minute length. "Hides" keeps things at a frantic pace. The track is just intense and should get the live floor buckling under the pressure of all the dancers. "Etiquette" is a crazy track that will surely be remembered for its high energy. The track doesn't pull any punches and goes for the jugular with its hardcore sound. "Snap & Bite" is chaotic and really delves a bit into the more technical hardcore style akin to Dillinger Escape Plan. The track crushes everything in its path. "Shit Kicker" is a tremendous track to get hyped to. The track is controlled chaos within its nearly four minute length. Don't get in the way of its crushing breakdown and guitar solo on the track, you'll bound to get steamrolled. It's a real stand out track. "Fish Hook" has to follow the gem of the last track and close out the EP. The track holds its own and really captivates the listener with its more Comeback Kid style. The track really ends things on a high note.

Mutiny Abroad have more than enough goods here to keep the Long Island hardcore tradition alive for some time to come. Fans of hardcore have a EP here to add to their favorites.