-Review- Amos Fortune - "American Folklore" EP

Amos Fortune's new "American Folklore" EP is a testament that rock, blues and folk music fits together perfectly.


From: Jaffrey, NH
Sounds like: Rock/Blues/Folk

New Hampshire/Massachusetts based band Amos Fortune recently released this EP that features touches of rock, blues and folk. "Song For Francis" starts the EP off with a glorious blues guitar riff that transitions into upbeat blues rock mixed with a touch of folk. The track keeps things moving as there's a slight The Shins vibe to it. "Hoedown" is a single off the EP and recently had a music video released for it which can be viewed here. The track captivates the listener with a full spectrum of sound. The track will get you singing along to its moody chorus as well as enthrall you with its soft soothing style of rock. "American Folklore" is the title track and is the longest track off the EP. It's a track of epic proportions as it has a Simon and Garfunkel feel to it. The track just oozes passion and is a real treat to listen to. "Streetlights" introduces itself by way of amazing guitar work. The track has a good mix of rockin' guitar riffs as well as slowing it down with the soothing vocals. "Big Ol' Heart" is an emotionally charged track which starts off slow but eventually picks up. It's a mesmerizing track that is very enjoyable for anyone into rock music. It has so many great layers to it. "Robin Hood" closes out the EP with a higher tempo than the previous tracks. It takes things up a notch and has single written all over it. The track along with the EP are a catchy as hell good time to listen to.

Amos Fortune have an EP here that any fan of indie rock, folk or blues should check out. There's so much to enjoy in the six tracks that once it's over, you're craving to get lost in more tracks.