-Review- I Saw The World Burn - "I Saw The World Burn" EP

Three songs of pulverizing metal from UK's I Saw The World Burns demands attention.


From: Midlands, UK
Sounds like: Metal

UK metal music for awhile now has been a force to be reckoned with. Stoke On Trent, UK band I Saw The World Burn are looking to put their brutal, riff laden thrash groove machine out there for the metal masses to hear. "Burial Ground" opens up the EP with a whirlwind of destruction. The breakdowns and riffs bring to mind the ferociousness of Unearth. The female vocals from Katie Cairns brings to mind the rawness of Candace Kucsulain from Walls Of Jericho. It's a really great opener to get the EP going. "Manifest" continues the onslaught as the track keeps at a breakneck pace. The closing breakdown is spectacular as its sure to get the live crowd dancing along. "Apostasis" closes out the EP with a circle pit starter of a track. The track takes it to another level and really gets the adrenaline going. Three songs, short and sweet encompass the EP. The listener will surely be craving for more after the last track. The repeat button will get worn out after listening to this EP.

While the EP only has three songs, the band is scheduled to go into the studio this coming summer. Keep a close eye on this band as their new music will be sure to get the ground crumbling with its metalcore carnage.