-Review- Just A Dream - "Finite/Unbound" Album

Just A Dream's album is a progressive metalcore fan's dream album.


From: San Antonio, TX
Sounds like: Progressive Metalcore

Just A Dream from San Antonio, Texas released this full length back in April of 2015. The album was recorded at War Horse Recordings with Christopher Mora (Darkness Divided). "Annotations Of Philip Astley" starts things of with a beautiful piano introduction. The track then drives into a symphonic breakdown that is simply crushing. The track is pure destruction on the senses. Awesome way to kick things off. "Primitive Conception" comes in like a force of nature. It continues the sonic assault of metalcore that brings to mind early Parkway Drive in its intensity. The introduction of clean vocals on this track is a welcome addition along with some incredible guitar work. "Precursor To Enlightenment" brings the piano back into the mix albeit only for the beginning of the track. It's breakdown galore as the track has an August Burns Red influence in its sound. "Take 5" has recording process audio clips to start things off before it transitions into a tight instrumental that surely gets the creative juices flowing. "Euphoria" brings back the vocals and ferocity. The Between The Buried And Me influence is felt here as the track has a fine technical sound to it. "Dysphoria" comes in with a slow build which then just erupts like the monster it is. "The Descent" starts off with an atmospheric sound which includes synths before breaking away to an As I Lay Dying style melodic metalcore sound. "Council Venus" brings back shades of the opener with a piano driven opening. The track features stellar instrumentation and will get your head banging to its stellar technical prowess. "Farewell" has more melody than the previous tracks. It shows that the band can create a more intimate track. It's heartfelt and emotional within its three and a half minute length. "Contrition" is a nearly twelve minute track to close out the album. It's a masterpiece of a closer to an album like this. The band gives their all in this stunning track and album.

Just A Dream have a well produced album here with ten tracks that will appeal to fans of progressive metalcore. If you like metalcore with a flair and style, this album should be right up your alley.