From The Depths Entertainment March 2016 Playlist (Spotify)

Our March playlist features twelve blistering tracks from the best new artists from around the globe.


1. Colour & Codeine - "We Are The Youth" (Amityville, Pennsylvania)
2. Life As Lions - "Goode Co." (Los Angeles, California)
3. Voodoo Diamond - "Standing In The Rain" (London, UK)
4. Caught In The Crypt - "Hurting Hands" (Burlington, Iowa)
5. Bear Fight - "Crater Face" (Newport Beach, California)
6. Drawing Blanks - "Take It Or Leave It" (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
7. Amos Fortune - "Hoedown" (Jaffrey, New Hampshire)
8. Maybe We're Dead Already - "Shrapnel" (Glasgow, UK)
9. Black Sick - "Schizophrenic" (Nantes, France)
10. Hyngd - "Last Breath" (Highland, New York)
11. Of Cities - "Metaphysical" (Madison Heights, Michigan)
12. Impurities - "No Light No Dark" (Reno, Nevada)