-Review- Drawing Blanks - "Fear" EP

This new EP from Drawing Blanks is exactly the shot of adrenaline that the rock music world needs.


From: Fayetteville, AR
Sounds like: Rock

The music of the state of Arkansas has always been diverse in spawning musicians such as Johnny Cash, Evanescence, Ne-Yo, Living Sacrifice and now the rock band Drawing Blanks. They recently released this EP so let's dive right in and see what Drawing Blanks is all about. "Take It Or Leave It" starts off the EP with a hellish guitar riff which will be infecting your eardrums for days to come. The song is melodic and brings back memories of that classic 70's rock. It's an amazing opener and really sets the tone for the rest of the EP. "The Fear" is a slower track which will get your head bobbin with its catchy flavor. The track brings to mind The Black Keys in the fact that it just has everything that a good rock song would include. It straight up rocks your socks off. "Painful Life" picks things back up and it will surely get the live crowd participating with its easy to sing along lyrics. The track has a tremendous guitar solo which is just straight up incredible. "Not Yet" is a build up track which once it gets to the chorus, just erupts. The guitar once again is featured as it just knows when to come in and take the track to the next level. The vocals are a reminder that passion and emotion can still be felt in a rock song. "Heartbreak & Novocaine" has the feel that it would be a good driving track to just get lost in. The track is moody and atmospheric. "Dirty Love" finishes out the EP with a sound that is groovy and catchy. As their lyrics go in "Dirty Love", "I'm tired of the same old thing", rock fans will surely find Drawing Blanks refreshing to the rock music world.

The six tracks that encompass this EP is exactly the shot of adrenaline that the rock music world needs. If you're a rock fan, you need this EP right now.