From The Depths Entertainment June 2016 Playlist

Our June playlist features eleven bands that'll kick off your summer with a bang.



1. Velafire - "Voids" (Spokane, Washington)
2. Them Evils - "Untold" (Huntington Beach, California)
3. Girl Nowhere - "Uncultured Ways" (Long Island, New York)
4. Among Legends - "Electric" (Kitchener, Canada)
5. Pyrite Sidewalk - "Inside Out" (Brentwood, California)
6. Dear Lucid - "Unnecessary Year Of Wake" (Reading, Pennsylvania)
7. Drowning In The Wake - "Dead" (Council Bluffs, Iowa)
8. Tarzandragon - "Captain [Insert Name Here] and His Collective Legion of Space Argonauts" (Vacaville, California)
9. The Final Clause Of Tacitus - "7 Years" (Reading, UK)
10. Ayo - "Sticks And Stones" (Houma, Louisana)
11. Altamadum - "Drugged Inside" (Thunder Bay, Canada)