-Review- Tarzandragon - "Delirium" EP

Tarzandragon know how to crank it up to 11 on their "Delirium" EP.


From: Vacaville, California
Sounds like: Psychedelic Rock

Tarzandragon are a band from California that is described as having off beat, technical drum patterns layered over rhythmic bass lines with classic rock influenced guitars and passionate lyrics. Sounds good right? Let's dive into their most recent release, their "Delirium" EP and see what they're all about. "Moonrocks" kicks things off with an epic sound. The six minute track is a great introduction to the band as it features haunting melodies and stirring riffs that are sure to captivate many listeners. "Robot Icarus" is a rockin' good time of a track. The psychedelic riffs combined with the brilliant range of vocals make this a standout track. It has radio single written all over with its roller coaster of emotion that bleeds right through to the listener. "Rooftops" slows down the pace a bit bit is still as emotionally charged as the previous tracks. The track is outstanding in its technicality and it really shines through. "Delirium" showcases the talents of the band perfectly as it soars and grooves into the melodic realm that is hardly seen with an up and coming band. The track almost has a Radiohead sound to it. "Ascend" ramps up the pace a bit back up as it really does "Ascend" the EP to an even higher level. It's a great follower to the previous track. "Dimensions" closes out the EP with a fury of sound that doesn't hold anything back. The controlled chaos on the track is a delight and sets the tone for the listener to salivate until more music comes along.

Every fan of rock music should grab this EP immediately. Tarzandragon have created a classic EP and it should not be overlooked. New music is coming soon and we can't wait!