Patient Sixty Seven Unleash "Callous" Single

Patient Sixty Seven's new single is here to destroy everything in its path.
From: Perth, Australia
Sounds like: Metalcore

Recorded at Audax Studios (Perth) and mixed by Cory Brunnemann (TX - Darkness Divided, Everyone Dies in Utah). Vocalist Tom Kiely spoke briefly on the release - stating that the band was eager to release new music. "We're obviously really excited to have new music in motion and we can't wait to share it with everyone," he said. "Alot of what we have done previously has been all in-house. This was an incredible opportunity for us to work with some great people on this release, and we really think it's our strongest showing yet." Forming only a few months prior to 2015, the year was an accomplished one for the ever-growing Perth outfit, as they emphatically broke their way into the thriving Perth music scene playing a multitude of shows alongside an array of the scenes leading bands. The months before gave the band a chance to establish their full lineup - with newly recruited members JL Maitre on drums and Jarryd Ralph fulfilling an important role as the bands new bassist/vocalist, Patient Sixty-Seven have refined their live performance, taking the stage at a range of venues across all parts of Perth. The new track will be an opportunity to showcase the bands sound and continue on from the bands last release. "Since the EP was written and released, so much has changed within the band. We hope everyone enjoys it as it's a showing of what's to come for us going forward," Kiely said."