-Review- Reality At Its Finest - "The Revolution" EP

Sink your teeth into this EP and you'll find melodic metalcore in abundance.


From: Aurora, CO
Sounds like: Melodic Metalcore

Colorado melodic metalcore band Reality At Its Finest released this EP last year. Let's take a look back and see what they're all about in preparation for their new music. "The March" kicks off with a thunder storm intro which then transitions into thunderous shredding. It's a crushing introduction that is heaviness at its finest. Up next is "The Revolution". The track shines more light on the melodic side than the previous track. The clean sung chorus is has a Trivium type sound to it. It's very high tempo and outstanding. "After The Storm" is a track that just sets out to annihilate everything in its path. It achieves that by drawing similarities to bands such as Killswitch Engage and Motionless In White. "If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is" is devastating. Listen to this track if you're a fan of Children Of Bodom or Lamb Of God. It does have some melody but it works perfectly. "Changes" is the lead single off the EP and proves why. The track is brilliant in its metalcore roots and shades of melody which bring to mind early As I Lay Dying. If you're a fan of metal, you NEED to hear this track. "Controlled Chaos" is an epic closing track which has shades of later Haste The Day. The pure melodic metalcore sound is on full effect and empties out their arsenal. It's five minutes of all out metalcore fun.

There's a lot to like here for fans of the metalcore genre. Sink your teeth into the EP and you'll surely love a song or two, or six. We can't wait for new music from the band.