From The Depths Entertainment Presents "Listen Loud" Playlist

Crank it up and enjoy over two hours of diverse music!




1. Contact - "Never Stop" (Boston, Massachusetts)
2. More Than Most - "Nightmares" (London, UK)
3. His Statue Falls - "Give It Up! Give It Up!" (Saarbrucken, Germany)
4. In Your Memory - "Layers Of Lies" (Washington, DC)
5. A Midnight Drive - "Gtt, Fe" (Butte, Montana)
6. Dropout Year - "This Notebook" (Owings Mills, Maryland)
7. Pyrite Sidewalk - "Inside Out" (Brentwood, California)
8. The Art Of Deception - "Mirror" (Danville, Pennsylvania)
9. Bane - "Calling Hours" (Boston, Massachusetts)
10. Our Transfixion - "Lasting Efforts" (St. Louis, Missouri)
11. Feed Her To The Sharks - "Memory Of You" (Melbourne, Australia)
12. Patient Sixty Seven - "Callous" (Perth, Australia)
13. E Town Concrete - "Baptism" (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
14. Mutiny Abroad - "Etiquette" (Long Island, New York)
15. Poison The Well - "Slice Paper Wrists" (Miami, Florida)
16. Boysetsfire - "Rookie" (Newark, Delaware)
17. Among Legends - "Flatliner (Toronto)" (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
18. Storm The Bay - "Tell Dan K I'm Looking For Him" (Rochester, New York)
19. Vanna - "Flower" (Boston, Massachusetts)
20. Short On Shame - "It's Time" (Detroit, Michigan)
21. StereoRiots - "Lucky Zero" (Washington, DC)
22. Castle Pines - "Hollow Cause" (Corona, California)
23. Tarzandragon - "Robot Icarus" (Vacaville, California)
24. One Step From Falling - "Man From Outer Space" (Syracuse, New York)
25. Saving Athens - "Into The Night (Matt's Song)" (Brewster, New York)
26. Something Like Sound - "Taylor's Song" (Norristown, Pennsylvania)
27. Vanilla King Court ft. Tobias Lopez - "Viva" (Ukiah, California)
28. Briggs ft. Gurrumul - "The Hunt" (Shepparton, Australia)
29. Bliss N Eso ft. Daniel Merriweather - "Can't Get Rid Of This Feeling" (Sydney, Australia)
30. Boo Diddly - "Gold" (Reading, Pennsylvania)
31. Gang Starr - "The Militia" (Brooklyn, New York)
32. Murs - "Two Step" (Los Angeles, California)
33. Jedi Mind Tricks - "On The Eve Of War" ft. GZA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)