From The Depths Entertainment November 2016 Playlist

Our November Spotify playlist will fill you up on catchy music. Get your music fix on now!


1. Mojave Nomads - "Creature Double Feature" (Ogden, Utah)
2. Late Night Drive - "Exeunt" (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
3. Second Opinion - "Meant To Be" (Tienen, Belgium)
4. Anever - "Borders" (San Jose, California)
5. Hope In Misery - "The Path" (Montreal, Canada)
6. Short Stay - "Evergreen" (Greeneville, Tennessee)
7. Complicated Arrangement - "Judgement Day" (Nassau County, New York)
8. Good Luck Spaceman - "Autobiography Of Red" (Trenton, New Jersey)
9. Sorry, Allyson - "Everything" (Ocean County, New Jersey)
10. Amos Fortune - "Robin Hood" (Jaffrey, New Hampshire)