-Review- Basement Royalty - "Proelium" EP

Basement Royalty look to bring their style of "Basement Punk" to the forefront of the Punk music genre.


From: Puerto Rico
Sounds like: Basement Punk

Basement Royalty are a band from Puerto Rico which intends to put their own spin on the Punk genre with their recently released "Proelium" EP. The opener "Bring The Sky" is a bouncy track that get the listeners head boppin' in no time. It's a track that really pulls in the listener from the first note to the last with its epic style incorporating some melodic hardcore into the mix later in the track. "Fire" features Carla Rodriguez and is an uplifting track that brings to mind Funeral For A Friend. The guest vocals add a nice touch and really put the cherry on top of an already amazing track. "Everything I Told You (I Want You To Fall)" is a punk track through and through and contains that high intensity that the genre is known for. The track brings to mind the infectious tendencies of Brand New as it's incredibly catchy and easy to sing along to. "Drown In The Hollows" features the perfect balance of the Basement Royalty style of catchy punk mixed with a touch of harsh vocals combined with some incredible rock sounds. There's so much to like on the track and that's why it's as good as it is. It has that high quality of being a single and garnering radio play without a problem. The closer "You're Fucked Up" is a driving track that showcases the awesome talent of the band within its three and a half minute length. The guitar riffs are incredible, the production is top notch and this entire EP should be on every punk fans radar and in their collection right now.

Basement Royalty have an EP here that transcends the current Punk scene with their unique style of Basement Punk.