-Interview- Dawn Vally (2/17/17)

Dawn Vally talks about their upcoming "Still Bleeding" EP, future plans and much more.


From: Toronto, Canada
Sounds like: Metal

1. Your new "Still Bleeding" EP is about to be released. What do you want listeners to take away from it?

A good time hopefully, we try not to take ourselves to seriously and put out music that could express many types of emotions.

2. How was the "Sloppy Girl" music video like while shooting? What was the inspiration for the video?

For us we just wanted to get ourselves in a video. We knew wanted to keep it simple so we just decided to shoot it at our jam space, which turned out pretty good.

3. What's the music scene like there in Toronto?

All over the place as in we have many types of metal going on in the city. You could have yourself a Death metal show right down the street from a hairy metal show and everyone supports everyone so it's always a good time no matter what you decide to do. Not to mention all the other types of music in the city.

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

Mine personally is "Chunkafunkalis". As a bassist I feel it's very fun to play and it to me has a couple different styles which are fun to play live.

5. What artists are you currently listening to? Any acts you recommend that people should check out?

Well there are many but on the local as always we love Drag The Lake they always kick ass and put on solid performances. Another bunch of guys in the scene called Falsifier are a force to be reckoned with. But on a more larger scale I'm listening to alot of Reflections and Chance The Rapper.

6. What was the last concert you went to as a fan?

I would have to say that Falsifier show, they kick ass, also Black Tongue where amazing live.

7. As an artist, what's your take on the streaming sites (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.) and how they pay royalties to bands?

I look at it more as a way to get our music out there as to making money. Maybe when we're making the big bucks my thoughts will change lol.

8. How would you describe your music to the average person?

I would say we got a groove southern Metalcore thing going on with some high energy shows and don't forget the solos lol.

9. What's next for Dawn Vally?

Well we wanna go right back into the studio and put out a new single as we got 2 guitarists now and wanna get his flair out there as well. But for the more present site of things we wanna go out and play everywhere can pushing our new EP "Still Bleeding" out to everyone.

10. What do you want to achieve in the next year?

3 more videos, a couple new singles and to play in tons of new places reaching new faces.