-Review- The Final Clause Of Tacitus - "Peace In Chaos" EP

The Final Clause Of Tacitus hit their stride of combining Funk, Rock Rap and Metal.


From: Reading, UK
Sounds like: Funk/Rock/Metal

The Final Clause Of Tacitus have generated a lot of buzz with their eclectic style of Funk, Rock and even Metal. This EP is brand new so let's not waste time and dive right in. "7 Years" opens up the EP with a very Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe to it. The funky riffs and rap style make it a very impressive opener. The guitar riff is catchy as hell on the track! "Give Them Blood" is the first single and a music video was recently released for it as well. The track is a slow build and brings to mind the controlled chaos of Rage Against The Machine. When the track finally explodes, look out as it's a stunner. The breakdown later on the track is incredible. "Without Resolve" has some tinges of Southern Rock to it. The track simply states that "you can't stop me now" and that's a fair assessment on how much of a driving force the track is. Very solid "eye opening" track. "Snake Town" starts off with a bass riff which leads into Rap/Funk vocals. The track is a stand out and really shows the true talent of the band. It's a tremendous track with high potential. "Your Next Click" hits hard right off the bat and doesn't stop for anything. It's fast and draws influences again from RATM with its strong lyrics and hard hitting instrumentation. "Hidden Patterns" closes out the EP in funky rap fashion. It's a strong closer that has multiple layers to it. After several listens, the listener will pick up new things each time. The buzz is real with The Final Clause Of Tacitus and this EP proves they'll garner even more and more hype.

The Final Clause Of Tacitus hit their stride of combining Funk, Rock and Metal.