-Interview- Contact (4/13/17)

We catch up with the band Contact to get an update about their new lineup, new music and much more.


From: Boston, MA
Sounds like: Post Punk/New Wave

Stick around after the interview to hear a brand new studio instrumental track.

Interview and photo by Jen Dublin.


1. It's your first time playing in Philly. What's your take on the Philly music scene?

Matt: To be honest, we haven’t played in Philly yet as Contact and I don't know much about the Philly scene right now. In the past, there's been a lot of awesome indie bands. Growing up there was a lot of cool bands that I can remember the Philly area Pop Punk scene like Saves The Day, around here, but yea I don't know much about it right now. We're playing with a band tonight June Divided, and I know they're killing it in this area right now.

2. How's the new music coming along?

Matt: Excellent, awesome. We've had years of growing pains in this band trying to figure out the sound with different singers and different members. In the past year we've really locked it down (our sound). We're stoked on our sound, it's like Post Punk/New Wave and we're just writing like machines.

3.Is this going to be an EP or full length?

Matt: We don't know. We have enough for a full length and for an EP obviously too. It just depends on the next move. We have a single that we're finishing right now that's going to come out late Spring/early Summer. See what the cards line up for us.

4. Any word on a release date for the album/EP?

Matt: No, no haha. A lot of stuff written but not even remotely close. Business stuff, writing stuff, a lot of those things come into play and kind of hold you back but we'll see. We're definitely releasing tunes soon though.

5. Will Doghouse Records be releasing it?

Matt: We don't know yet. We're still on great terms with them, we love them. We're debating on whether we're going to release this record through them or not. We might self release some stuff, we might look for a different label, we might work with them, we're not sure.

Jon: It's up in the air.

Matt: So much is up in the air. It's kind of fun, living on the edge haha.

6. So recently Contact has undergone some transitions, how did the current Contact lineup come together?

Matt: It's crazy. It's a super organic lineup right now. Austin joined the band when we lost a different drummer. Jon has been in and out of the band for years.

Jon: Four and a half/Five years now.

Matt: It just happened organically so we were like "oh so we're all still in it, we're all still writing, we all like each other, so here we are and now we're a band I guess by default".

7. You guys recently played SXSW (South by Southwest), how was your experience?

Matt: Stoked.

Jon: It was amazing.

Matt: Awesome experience. That will be the cornerstone of the kickstart of this new era of Contact. We've been working so hard in the studio and we've made all of these new friends. We worked with this plug in company that got us down there and filmed us on the way down. At the show we worked with Berklee and we all settled in and we were like "this is the lineup, this is all because of this event that it came down together". Jon: Not to mention that the new lineup, it was the first real outing. Really, it was the first full like we're going somewhere moment. It was an adventure to say the least.

8. What's your favorite tracks to play live?

Matt: All the new stuff obviously. I'm sure every band says that but we have all these new tracks that are a little but of a departure from where we were last year. If you guys check it out live tonight, you'll see the energy. We can’t hide it on our faces. We play the new songs and we freak out.

9. So what's next for Contact?

Matt: It's kind of like we just figured out who we were, who we are rather, so now it's just running with that and having fun with it. We're playing tons of shows. No filter anymore, we used to be like "we're only playing big shows, we're only doing tours". We're just playing everything, kind of taking it back to the roots like young little punks again playing any show we can get. Like getting involved in the scene again. It feels really fresh and cool. There's no agenda anymore. Yea so that's what's next, no agenda.

10. Who are some of your influences?

Matt: All I listen to is The Cure. That's it. If it's not The Cure, I don't listen to it, I don't like it.

Jon: That's not true, The Smiths.

Matt: Oh yea and The Smiths haha. It's basically the Cure too. That's my influence.

Jon: Bayside. I heavily listen to Bayside lately. I love their new album. That's all I've been jamming to super hard lately.

Austin: The Cure, Akaline Trio, I listen to a lot of old school stuff as well. I like to mix it up.

Matt: Austin loves Blink 182, Paramore, (Austin: Keep em coming. Everything you could ever imagine.) Good Charlotte...Mike, Thank you so much. You talk about someone you've known (for a long time), and this is the first time meeting, I need to buy you a beer. He's been involved, hooked us up and promoted us since for as long as I've been doing music honestly. There's an interview up on the site (http://www.FTDmusic.com) from me back in the Metal days and that's so cool to me to have a friend that's an ally in the music industry for that long. It means so much. This is a huge moment to me honestly. It's awesome and I can't thank you enough.