-Review- Crash Concept - "Two Feet Forward" Album

Crash Concept attempt to blur the genres of Rap and Rock with their strong willed "Two Feet Forward" album.


From: Rockville, MD
Sounds like: Rap/Rock

Crash Concept are a band from Maryland who released this eight track album back in 2015 and with new music on the horizon, let's look back and hear what they're all about. "Undeniable" opens up the album with a tremendous amount of energy. The track features Rap/Rock vocals along with some incredibly infectious Alternative Rock instrumentation. It's an opener that definitely draws in the listener. "Broken" opens with Hard Rock feel and then explodes into fury of Rap vocals. The melodic chorus is something really special and the track itself should be played on the radio right away. It's toe tapping good fun. "Believe" sounds like an early 311 track as it is more reliant on the rap flavor. The chorus brings to mind early Linkin Park and their infectious hooks. "I'm Alive" is a track that is a groovy jaunt through the melodic fields of Rap/Rock. It really knows how to push and pull with the Rock instrumentation mingling alongside the melodic chorus and rap vocals. It's a top notch track that needs to be listened to right away. The guitar solo on the track is mind blowingly awesome. "Burn" is pure passion as it drives in with a whirlwind of emotion and doesn't stop in its near four minute span. It's a bouncy track that still get the heart beating fuller and louder. "Lights Out" has a bit of Punk influence to it and that really helps set itself apart from the previous tracks. It's more hard hitting and is such an awesome track to listen to. "Memories" builds off of the intensity of "Lights Out" as instead of the Punk sound previously heard, it turns into a monster of a Alternative Rock song. There's a massive breakdown in the track that comes out of nowhere and erupts with an incredible amount of energy. "Let's Go" closes out the album with a crunchy Rock sound that'll cling to your ears and not let go. It's a track sums up the album nicely and the album itself is so good that listeners will gladly keep it on repeat until their new music is released.

Crash Concept attempt to blur the genres of Rap and Rock with their very strong willed "Two Feet Forward" album.