-Interview- Complicated Arrangement (6/4/17)

Complicated Arrangement talks about their reshaped lineup, new music and much more.


Photo taken from Complicated Arrangement's live debut May 4th, 2013. Vanni (left) and Noza (right).
From: Nassau County, NY
Sounds like: Punk

1. What's new with Complicated Arrangement?

Count Vanni: We are both working together at Stop & Shop and on demos. We have lyrics to 20-some-odd songs, maybe more and we’re going through them all and seeing what is worth composing and what we’re gonna put in our Monopoly prison. Don’t pass go, nothing’s collecting the $200 anyway. I’ve been also working on my hip hop shit trying to get better at it, so I would say to expect more of that in the music we’re working on.

Doctor Noza: Right now we're just talking about new material and looking forward toward the next project.

2. How did the new lineup come together?

CV: After the unforeseen departure of Stix, we have been in search for a new drummer with no luck. As of late, we have been thinking of doing it just the two of us. Noza can hit the skins so we’re thinking of pre-recording our drums for live shows, therefore we can do things as we like without someone turning down the majority of our ideas and avoid working with people who are harder to work with. Joey was a good drummer but we let him go, very lazy and unmotivated. We’d show up for a scheduled rehearsal and he’d be nowhere to be found. It started as Noza and I, and if it gets to the point where we can’t find someone, then I say fuck it, y’know? Fuck ‘em,we don’t need ‘em.

DN: At the time it's just Vanni and I considering after the whole Griffin [Stix] incident we've been looking for someone to fill the void he left and it's been rough but it's just another gap in the road and we'll get through it like we did the last time.

3. What's the word on new music?

CV: We’re writing and composing right now, it’s all coming together slowly but surely. We’re leaning more towards an experimental pop-punk, hip hop, alternative kinda record. The semi-confirmed title for our record in the works is “Frank N’ Beans”. Some of my favorites so far are Everybody In The World, Motherfucker, Rock Band Mic...we also have some of the silly shit being made, even more so now that Stix can’t tell us no, such as Kindergarten Stories, which is a kids’ song about fucking some chick and getting AIDS, I’m Tecty which has some talk about dicks, weiner dogs and innuendos about the Hokey-Pokey...we’re even considering doing this one I wrote called Vampire Dominatrix Girlfriend. So let’s just say, we’re not holding back on this one.

DN: With this new project we're just looking to have fun and do whatever we want like we should’ve been doing to begin with.

4. Is there any music videos in the works?

CV: Y’know we’ve been discussing doing some videos. We’re thinking of doing one for March Through Hell, and I’m thinking we should do one for The Story of Jade and James as well.It’s all hypothetical right now, we’ve been stuck in a rut because of the drummer situation, so not much is coming in for a production.

DN: Not at the time there's not but we have been speaking about it for a little while and hopefully it happens soon.

5. How has your live shows been in the past year?

CV: Our last show was almost half a year ago, so when we get back to it, best believe we are going to rock that place.

DN: They've been good. We currently have nothing planned for the future but our last show with Michale Graves was quite the experience.

6. What are you currently listening to?

CV: I’m listening to a lot of Eminem, Falling in Reverse and Blood on the Dance Floor. Another one I’m listening to is a lot is blink and Simple Plan, as always.

DN: I've been listening to a lot of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Sia, and some Alessia Cara.

7. What other bands would you compare yourselves to?

CV: Oh Jesus...uhm...My Chemical Romance I’d say is the closest match but there’s so many other ones. Blink, Green Day, Simple Plan, Linkin Park...a lot of ‘em.

DN: I would compare ourselves mainly to blink and little bit of BMTH.

8. How would you describe your live show?

CV: Well our last show we opened for Michale Graves and I signed like 6 condoms after it so...literally I still can’t live down putting that fucking condom on the mic.

DN; Our live shows can be fun for those who like to joke around and have a good time...mainly for the cat fuckers.

9. What's next for Complicated Arrangement?

CV: No idea, and that’s what’s exciting about it.

DN: I don't know but having no idea usually turns out to be a good thing so I'm ready for that.