-Interview- In Your Memory (9/29/17)

In Your Memory talks about their upcoming tour alongside Emery, their "Failure To Launch" album and much more.


From: Washington D.C.
Sounds like: Sloppy Vicious Rock/Post Hardcore/Rock

1. You were just confirmed to be a part of Emery's upcoming tour. What do you want audiences to take away from your performance?

Life lasting moments to be honest! When it comes to live performances we do everything in our power to make those 30min on stage feel longer than ever. The goal is always for the crowd to drop their phones and experience the show to the fullest.

2. Your recent "Failure To Launch" album was released a little bit ago to critical acclaim. How would you describe the evolution between your early works to your most recent release?

At first we wanted to cater to all of our influences while remaining true to our taste but with this record we decided to do the complete opposite. We stopped checking off boxes for all the difference genres out there and started to have fun again pitching what ever felt right. Eventually we stumbled upon several early renditions of the tunes you hear now on our latest release accomplishing some of the best music we have put together to date.

3. What was the inspiration for your newest music video "F2L" single? How was the shoot and who directed it?

Personal experiences fueled this music video. I'm no stranger of being strung along and have been on both sides of the coin so it was important to show both perspectives while pushing the viewer to pick sides. The shoot was great! Everyone that helped was close to us which made it more pesonal and it was the first time I took a step into the directors chair.

4. You guys have been an independent band for a little while now, what advantages/disadvantages do you see in being as independent as you are?

When we first started this journey the idea of being sustainable without support felt un realistic but after many years of working with the right and wrong people we've realized what works for IYM. The biggest advantage in my opinion is longevity due to the sole fact of networking. No matter if you play in front of a sold out crowd or eight people who consist of band members and their girlfriends you will get a chance to meet everyone. I've seen in too many cases musicians not get involved in who does what which is a disservice to yourself so my recommendation will always be stay humble and socialize. As far as disadvantages...yes exposure is big but with our experiences if you care to self invest in your own career it won't graze you.

5. What are some of your pre-show rituals?

If a pep rally and a bar crawl could co exist that would be our locker room floor before a show. We pump each other up boosting each others egos jumping up and down as we wait to hear our queue start in our IEMs.

6. Tell us a little bit about your "After Dark Sessions" EP and the stripped down/folksy versions of your early tracks.

We have always talked about doing stripped down renditions of our music but what pushed us to do it was a failed attempt of performing these songs live acoustically in Baltimore one evening. After that casey took it upon himself to give some of our songs a different twist in which I adjusted too by free styling over the music trying difference vocal methods for the first time.

7. You guys have always been known to play a ton of shows and have played alongside acts such as Enter Shikari, Four Year Strong and Mayday Parade just to name a few. Does any show stick out as most memorable?

Yes we've been honored to share the stage with many acts in MD/DC/PA but the one that stands our for me specifically had to have been our show at Soundstage in Baltimore, MD where we played alongside Enter Shikari and Being As Oceans since it was the very first time my parents came out to a show.

8. What do you most look forward to in your upcoming tour with Emery?

Other than making friends with the bands on the tour package we are excited to re visit many cities we have been to in over a year.

9. What's next for In Your Memory?

We've spent the last few month working on some studio sessions and new music videos so stay tuned for that. Lastly, next year we are prepping for it to be a big one especially when it comes to touring so I promise we will keep growing this band on to greater heights.

10. Any shoutouts?

We just want to continue to show love to everyone that have followed us from the start and for those new listeners that enjoy what they see and hear help us in growing IYM! Special thanks to our families, friends, IYM auxiliary everyone who gave us advice in the past! IYM loves you!