From The Depths Entertainment February 2018 Playlist

Our February playlist is here and is bound to create some infatuations with its infectious tracks.


1. Maps To Eden - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (Cover) (Sydney, Australia)
2. Final Call - "Out To Dry" (Long Island, New York)
3. Fracture The Frame - "Open Letter" (Morgantown, West Virginia)
4. The Time Framed - "Limited Infinity" (Clearwater, Florida)
5. Altamadum - "Who I Have Become" (Thunder Bay, Canada)
6. West View - "Pyre" (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
7. Afraid of Human - "Repercussions Of War" (Warren, Pennsylvania)
8. MidVale - "Lucid" (Baltimore, Maryland)
9. Blackcat Manor - "Hellfire" (Freeport, Illinois)
10. Authority - "Wodzu" (Kielce, Poland)
11. Frozen Sand - "Silent Raven" (Borgomanero, Italy)
12. Nightmare Canvas - "Demon Inside" (Odessa, Texas)
13. Generation Underground - "Greedy Bitch" (Old Bridge, New Jersey)
14. Smiley In A Suit - "Take Off" (Delbrück, Germany)
15. Winter Moon - "You Got Me" (Melbourne, Australia)