-Interview- Complicated Arrangement (9/18/18)

Complicated Arrangement talks about their reformation, new music and much more.


From: Nassau County, NY
Sounds like: Punk

1. Complicated Arrangement are back together. How did it come about that you got the band back together?

It all kinda just happened. We all were at a point in our life where we were ready to move forward with this project. All of us have just completed albums within our alternate projects so now we’re ready to dedicate our time to this again after a much needed break after the stress of making Indecisive.

2. What do the new members bring to the table?

We’ve all done lots of searching as to what our best assets are. It was originally me on vocals and guitar, Noza on bass and vocals and Stix on drums and backup vocals. The only real change we made was putting Noza as the primary guitarist of the band, so I can focus more on my performance, as I have always seen the performance side of the music as being one of my strongest points. Noza is a stellar bassist but he has more creative freedom as a guitarist, and I will occasionally be playing rhythm still as to make it as full of an experience as possible. After a few bassist auditions we stuck with Danny, or Buffy as we call him.

3. What's the word on new music?

We are currently in the process of composition for our upcoming record, “Rebirth.” All lyrics have been written and we are roughly about 75% done with compositions.

4. What do you wish you accomplish with "Rebirth"?

Unlike the previous record we are going to be putting much more effort into the promotion of this new one. We are utilizing assets that we’ve acquired over the history of the band and reworking everything in hopes to branch out and truly establish our name in the game of the music business.

5. Any live shows in the works?

As of right now, we are focusing on becoming a tight band again. After so much time apart only playing 3 shows in the past year and a half, we need a LOT of work before we are ready to hit the stage. So in the next two months, not really. Beyond that, most likely.

6. What are some of the influences you're currently listening to?

Same as usual. I also kind of just like to shuffle playlists that are on Apple Music while concentrating on other things to see what sticks with me.

7. What do you think, if anything, you'd bring from Count Vanni to Complicated Arrangement?

I’ve always been ready to incorporate hip hop in Complicated Arrangement. Except now I’m better at wordsmith style lyricism, I can create more intricate flows and I’m better with staying on the beat.

8. What do you wish to accomplish in the next year?

Getting people interested, Branding ourselves (not like on Jackass), making our sound and shows more interesting and getting our asses on the road hopefully. I wanna see at least a 300+ like increase on our social media at least. Also, HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JEWEL CRENSHAW. WE LOVE YOU!