-Interview- The Isolated Brigade (11/16/20)

The Isolated Brigade talks about their new music, upcoming plans and much more.


From: Chicago, IL
Sounds like: Rock

1. What's new with the band?

Maximillian: We have been pretty quiet over the last year due to personal lives. Each of us were focused on furthering our careers while slowly working on new material. With that said, we have a lot in store. New music, new sound, new artwork, potentially some music videos, and more professional promotional help. All in all, although this past year has been quiet on our end, we feel there is a lot to come at the end of 2020 and through 2021.

Alex: Trying to stay sane in quarantine life.

2. What can you tell us about the new music?

Maximillian: With our previous lineup on our first EP, it was more hard rock centered. With these new releases, we each have contributed something different to the sound. I feel these songs have a variety of range with genres.

Steve: We’ve had parts of the new EP kicking around for quite a while now. The timing was right for all of us to convene and get it all recorded. Everyone has at least one song where they’re the primary writer, so there is some variety in the dynamics and sound direction.

Alex: Stuck on Payroll dates back to early 2016, so yeah been sitting on that one for a while. After some lineup changes, it kinda made sense to try a new variety of sounds and Stuck on Payroll is probably the least aggressive of the bunch.

3. Any music videos in the works?

Maximillian: We currently have a music video to release with our first song, Murmurs of a Mellow Mind. Nothing super crazy, just a few couple friends of ours having fun with an idea I came up with. They were nice enough to record it for us. We are also working on a video for our second song release, Stuck on Payroll, when that releases in December. All in all, we cannot promise a music video for each song we release but we hope to have at least something.

4. What do you miss most about performing live?

Steve: When the band is in sync and the fans are resonating with the music, the energy that would be created is what I miss most. Everybody was there to have a good time, and if they did, our job was accomplished.

Alex: Being loud and feeling the waves coming off your amps. It's one thing to be able to jam in a practice room playing for your neighbors, but it's another to play to other music lovers who can really jive with what you're playing. Also, just miss hearing other acts perform.

5. What are you currently listening to?

Steve: Nanidato- Future Funk / Japanese disco, Aether Realm- Melodic Death Metal from North Carolina, Cattle Decapitation- Death Metal from California.

Alex: A lot of David Bowie and Frank Ocean who are probably far opposites in terms of music genres but really love how diverse both can be. Low by David Bowie seems to be a perfect album for quarantine. Listening to Bowie lead to more Lou Reed/Iggy Pop as well as Nine Inch Nails. Also, some Robert Fripp since he has been releasing his Music for Quiet Moments series.

Maximillian: I can’t really name a particular band cause I have been listening to whatever people show me or what pops up on my feed. Although not rock, there is an artist called Pogo I do enjoy listening to. My daughter enjoys dancing to his music.

6. What do you think about how streaming services pay out royalties to artists?

Steve: It’s a tricky subject. Obviously it’s great that lots of people can listen and discover your music. New fans ideally means more music, merch, and concert tickets (eventually) will be purchased, which will help you be able to do what you enjoy. However, it’s not easy to write and record music. It takes talent, skill, and hardwork. It’s not something that everyone can do, and the people who do should be compensated fairly. It’s their livelihood, and if they can’t live comfortably on the royalties they are receiving, eventually they won’t be able to continue doing it anymore.

Alex: what Steve said.

Maximillian: I agree with Steve as well and of course getting paid fairly for the music we write/record would be fantastic, but personally, I am happy with people all over the world hearing what we wrote. I’m not shooting for the stars but just telling my daughter when she’s older that people around the world listened to what we wrote is all I can ask for. But again, money is nice.

7. What can you tell us about any upcoming artwork for upcoming releases?

Maximillian: We have a phenomenal artist, Brad Hofbauer, who has been creating some fantastic work for us. The three of us are musically creative but when it comes to artwork, we kind of suck. Luckily, Brad is a wizard at what he does and we have yet to be disappointed in anything he’s created for us. You can find his work at www.grafxone.com

Steve: Brad, Brad, he’s our man; if he can’t do it, nobody can.

8. What do you wish to accomplish in the next year?

Steve: Fully develop ideas / riffs into quality songs. Catch a Largemouth bass that weighs 6 pounds or more.

Alex: Work on learning new things on guitar whether from this book from Rick Beato, a YouTuber, or looking up other techniques online. There’s definitely different practice routines that I picked up right at the onset of quarantine that I found difficult to work through, but 5 months on, feels like I’m actually flying through them and can actually put a timeline for the progress I’m making. Maybe actually learn Free Bird.

Maximillian: I hope we are able to release more music this time around. Originally, we released an EP back in 2018 and that was that. This time, I’m hoping there will be more than 5 songs and by the looks of it, that goal will be accomplished. We are aiming to release one song every 4-6 weeks. With my personal life, I hope to obtain my license to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and continue providing support for those in need.