-Review- Girl Cologne - "Phases" Album

Girl Cologne are ready for Indie Rock primetime with their newest album.


Sounds like: Indie Rock
From: Ohio

The opener "Red Flags" sets a nice tone early. There's a touch of Nirvana to the track but also early Weezer. The track pulls in the listener with ease and doesn't hold back. "Srsly wtf?" dips down the pacing down for a bit. The track glides along a nice Indie Rock path that shows off some nice variation from the opener. "Oh Dear" is methodical and has a solid, steady Rock foundation to it. The bridge of the track is outstanding and helps it become a standout on the album. "Don't Wanna Heart It" cranks up the Indie Rock vibes up to 11. The upbeat nature and melodies are infectious and are very single worthy in its overall delivery. "Empty Promise" puts all of its emotion out there in its two minute runtime. The depth is off the charts and even though it's on the short side, there's a lot of passion packed in its length. "Power Out" continues the tone of the previous track. The track is slighty timid in its opening but picks up the pace and still wears its heart on its sleeve perfectly. "Train Wreck" will get the listener singing along in no time. The track is high energy, the melodies hit hard and should help make it a fan favorite in no time. The single "Subtweet" is next and proves why it was chosen as such. The ultra catchy vibes kick in right away and they don't let up. The melodies, riffs and pacing is top notch. "Dead Weight" has some serious riffage to it. The guitar work is in the forefront on the track and is super stellar in its sound. "Pity Please" is moody in all of the right ways. The haunting vocals along with the up and down nature of the instrumentation create a whirlwind of passion and emotion. "My Baby" picks up the pace and goes into a more Alternative Rock territory. The riffs are oustanding, the vocals transcend into the atmosphere and the overall track is wonderful all around. The closer "Long Time" wraps up the album up nicely. The track sums up everything perfectly and showcases their signature sound perfectly with a tightly wrapped bow.

Girl Cologne are ready for Indie Rock primetime with their newest album.