-Review- Cline's Mind - "From Beneath The Ashes" Album

Cline's Mind fine tune their Metal sound even further with a Metal album of the year candidate.


From: New York
Sounds like: Metal

The title track/opener blasts right in and wastes no time in setting the blistering pace. The early As I Lay Dying vibes are strong as the riffs and breakdowns destroy everything in their path. The track grabs the listener and doesn't let go, it does what an opening track should for sure. "Into The Flames" goes full swing into the Melodic Metal route. The guitar work is stellar and showcases true talents and natural sounds from the band on a grand scale. "My Darkest Days" brings with its a more ballad like tendency. The track pulls on the emotional strings and captures a ton of passion and depth within its near seven minute length. "A Peaceful Death" brings melodic tones from the start. The track is super easy to get into as a fan of Metal. After a lengthy intro, the track gets into the full bulk of things. The circle pit intensity goes to an all time high. "Hourglass" was chosen as a single and is a bit quicker in its delivery with its vocals at times but features clean melodies. The melodies soar with confidence and really go all out. The guitar solo later in the track is off the charts incredible. "Coming to Fruition" features Andy Gillion and it continues down the Metal path set before it. The track has the breakdowns and riffs that up the ante at times and still hit hard with its heavy sound and melodies. "Mindless Automatons" has another purely instrumental intro that goes even further than the previous track. The track is more melodic than the previous tracks but it still packs an edge that will get Metalheads singing and moshing along. "All For Nothing" has an intro that is still a tad too long but it eventually brings with it more melody. The melodic Metal sounds are on point as the riffs swirl around. "The Poison" has shades of "Coming to Fruition" to it. The track might be a deep cut but it still stands on its own with its attention grabbing Metal sound. Their cover of Iron Maiden's "Children of the Damned" closes the album out in style. They put their twist on the classic Metal track and cap things off perfectly.

Cline's Mind fine tune their Metal sound even further with a Metal album of the year candidate.