-Interview- Adair 12/26/05

(Warcon Records)
Interviewed on: 12/26/05

1. What are your names and roles in the

Jeffrey Meyer-
Jeffrey Meyer (me) - Bass, cheerleader
Rob Tweedie - vocals, quarterback
Matt Tuttle - Drums, linebacker
Patrick Baum - guitar, vocals, coach
Josh Goldenhersh - guitars, vocals, keys, tight end

2. You're from St. Louis, what's the scene like there?

Jeffrey Meyer-
Its been better. It goes up and down. There's nothing like a hometown show, but there aren't a ton of places to play. There is a pretty large handful of great bands here and it seems like more and more of them are getting out on the road. That will be one of the greatest rewards for us if we ever reach a national headlining status, is to drag our friends bands out with us. Surf around our top 8 if you are wondering what kind of great bands reside in the Loo.

3. You're scheduled to play this years Taste Of Chaos tour, how does it feel to be a part of the same tour as such heavyweights as Deftones,Funeral For A Friend,Atreyu,As I
Lay Dying,etc?

Jeffrey Meyer-
To be quite honest, its VERY humbling. Every band on TOC is a great band. We never saw ourselves as a band that would be playing in the same venue, let alone arenas, with bands like the Deftones, Thrice or Dredg, etc... All we can say is that we are excited and nervous. We've always done really well under pressure, so I'm not to worried.

4. How does the writing process occur?

Jeffrey Meyer-
Ha! Oh man. Well typically we jam on something and just work off that. Usually start with a foundation and work from that. With this album, a few of the songs were written based off original material by Patrick. We were put in an absolutely crippling situation about 2 weeks before we went in to record. Our original drummer decided to quit for reasons we are still unsure of. He literally just stopped talking to us. Then, our guitarist at the time that we had recruited from California, made the mistake of leaving an IM conversation open of him and one of his buddies in Cali talking about how he was gonna quit and just collect a paycheck from us after he recorded the record with us. Needless to say, we sent his ass packing. So with no drummer, no guitarist, and about 2 weeks before we hit the studio to record our Warcon debut, we still decided to press on. I contacted a friend of mine, Matt Tuttle, whom I met when I was playing with Open Hand. He was the drummer for a band called Codeseven, that recently seperated. We sent him the material and he came right in and played it perfect. He is one of the most talented drummers I have ever played with, and I've been fortunate enough to play with some amazing drummers. Then we decided to ask my best friend of about 9 years, Patrick Baum, to fill the position of guitar for us. We were all big fans of his solo work (Open Sky Reminder) and his other bands he played in locally (The Skyline, Hell in the Cannon). Aside from that, we knew he was down for the long run and he wouldn't be one to dick us over. We wrote 4 new songs and reworked 3 in the span of a week and a half. Then recorded "The Destruction of Everything is the Beginning of Something New". So that brings us to now. Matt was originally brought in to just help us record the record, and has now agreed to stay on with us. So with the most solid line-up to date we are ready to rock.

5. You just recently got signed with Warcon Records (Bleed The Dream, Opiate For The Masses), how did you hook up with them?

Jeffrey Meyer-
Our manager threw Kevin Lyman our demo. Lyman seemed interested so he had us play a couple Warped tour dates in the Midwest. Apparently, he watched us play 2 songs and then called John (mgr.) and said he wanted to sign us. We are lucky to be a part of such a great label.

6. What's in your CD player right now?

Jeffrey Meyer-
The new Thrice, new Death Cab, Jimmy Eat World, Keane, Sigor Ros, and Willie Nelson.

7. You've played shows with Stretch Armstrong, Stutterfly and many others. What has your favorite show been to play and why?

Jeffrey Meyer-
The last show we played at Mississippi nights here at home was the best show I've ever played. The set ended with about 30 kids on the stage singing along. That to me makes a show. When the audience has as much passion for the music as we do. Outside of that, every band we've toured with has been a pleasure to share a stage with.

8. You've supported PETA in the past. Is that something each member believes in?

Jeffrey Meyer-
Well, obviously we are all in favor of the ethical treatment of anything, but Rob is the only Vegan. Pat, Josh and I have recently become vegetarian.

9. What does the future hold for Adair?

Jeffrey Meyer-
We can only wait and see... hopefully world domination is in the stars.

10. Any shoutouts?

Jeffrey Meyer-
My cousin Taneesha.