-Interview- Last Winter 12/30/05

Last Winter
(Ilumanti Entertainment)
Interviewed on: 12/30/05

1. What are your names and roles in the band.

Fro- Lead Guitar, Cameron- Vocals, Josh- Guitar, Chis-Drums, John-Bass

2. How did you come up with the name "Last Winter"?

Josh came up with it. Winter is all of our favorite time of year. So it kinda just worked after Josh said it.

3. The band is located in Orlando,a hotbed for bands.
How hard was it to come up through the ranks in such a state that has generated such great bands over the years?

We all have been in bands before (except Cam and John) so we had some previous contacts in the state that came in very handy when we were just starting out.

4. You're song "Chasing Lights" is a hit in the making, what was your inspiration for the song?

Its a break-up song! All of us have been through that nasty break-up that you just cant stop thinking about.

5. You just recently released a video for "Standing Here". who thought of the concept for it? Why did you choose to shoot a video for that song?

We were approached by Betterfly Films who are now friends of ours. They loved the song and came up with the idea for the video and we sort of just let them run with it and it worked out great!

6. Next month you're playing in the legendary club CBGB's, how does it feel to soon be playing on such a momumental stage?

We are very excited about the CBGB show. Definitely going to be the highlight of the tour.

7. You've played wich well known acts such as Lit, Everclear, P.O.D.,Blindside,Switchfoot, etc. what was it like sharing the stage with such big name acts? What show has been your favorite to play?

It was awesome to play those shows. We did not get to meet the bigger bands so...The favorite show we have played so far has to be our Transmission: Skyline CD Release show we had at The Hard Rock in Orlando.

8. What does the future hold for Last Winter?

We plan on playing out and touring for much of 2006. Currently working on new material for our follow up CD that is due for 2007.

9. Any shoutouts?

LW would like to say hey to Iluminatti Entertainment, United Digital Films, Betterfly Films, and Anziano Enterprises