-Review- Crash My Deville - The Consequence Of Setting Yourself On Fire

Crash My Deville
Label: Redfield Records
From: Germany
The Consequence Of Setting Yourself On Fire
Release Date: 3/3/06


Track Listing:

1. The Warm Taste Of Human Failure
2. I Wish Your Heart Was As Big As Your Record Collection
3. Your Seduction Vs My Sense Of Self Esteem
4. An Essence Of Your Devastating Performance
5. The Consequence Of Setting Yourself On Fire
6. At Least We're Part Of Your Pathetic Little Nightmare
7. Sorry For Breathing Too Hard
8. If You Learn How To Smile, I Learn How To Break Faces
9. Prince Charming Has Left The Building
10. Add Now To Here For Nowhere

Crash My Deville from Germany is a band that you would be surprised is on the other side of the globe. Their fierce style of metalcore mixed with emocore is pretty much a right fit for here in the US. The first song is a taste of what the whole album is about. Melody, breakdowns, growling vocals.

This band definatly has talent. They did a split with No Hollywood Ending (NJ) last year and I can see why. This CD would be a perfect fit in any metalcore or emocore lovers collection. Some of the tracks fall flat on the harmonies but their breakdowns never miss. Their growling vocals could use some work though. Their melody is very clean and the singer never misses a beat on the vocals.

Verdict -
Look out for this band soon. This CD is on Redfield Records. If they can get a deal over here in the states soon, their stock will dramatically go up. If you're into emocore or metalcore, pick this CD up. The only real turnoff is the growling if you're not into that.

Sounds like:
I Killed The Prom Queen, old Evergreen Terrace

Standout Tracks-
"The Warm Taste Of Human Failure"
"An Essence Of Your Devastating Performance"
"Prince Charming Has Left The Building"