-Review- Heartshed - The Emphatic Fall EP

Label: Unsigned
From: Sacramento, CA
The Emphatic Fall EP
Release Date: 10/16/06


Track Listing:

1. The Painful Transition From A Child To A Butterfly
2. I'll Take Hypsocisy For 1000
3. Reliving Regret
4. Seclusion Failure
5. Providence Still At Large
6. To Rest In Interlude

Being from California doesn't hurt a band. With all that is around you, your band can really make a name for themselves. It can be used to your advantage. Heartshed is a band from Sacramento that is on the rise.

Their style of music is I'm sure something that you've heard before. But dang do they play it good. From the opening song "The Painful Transition From A Child To A Butterfly" to the ending, they never let up. Electronics adds an element to the band reminiscent of Underoath or even Nevea Tears. Some songs will sure make you wanna dance. The last song on the EP, "To Rest In Interlude" is an instrumental song that closes out a pretty damn good effort from an up and coming band.

Verdict -
Emocore and Screamo have been big for a little while now and that's not a bad thing. Heartshed play the style of music very good. If you're into the genre at all, check them out.

Sounds like:
Old Underoath, Nevea Tears

Standout Tracks-
"I'll Take Hypocrisy For 1000"
"Providence Still At Large"