-Interview- Every Bridge Burned 12/12/07

Every Bridge Burned
(Rise Records)

Genre: Metalcore akin to new Underoath or old Still Remains
Interviewed on: 12/12/07
From: Lima,US


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

I'm Jess and I play keyboards.

2. How did you come up with the name Farewell To Words?

Well we are from a small town and at the time we didn't really know too many people who were willing to help us out. So in a way it was like the bridges weren't there. Ya know? We were young so it was fitting at the time.

3. You just started a tour with Catherine and Oh Sleeper, hows it going so

My Children My Bride is on it as well. We're about 2 weeks in to it and its been great. We're stoaked to be here, the shows and hangin out with the dudes has been a lot of fun.

4. How does the writing process come about?

Normally Otis or Tate will write something then bring it in to practice and we all change it around and add stuff.

5. How did you hook up with Rise Records?

I don't really know heh. I think its because we recorded at the foundation and Craig (rise) was kinda keepin an eye on his work. One day we just got an email from him and we went from there.

6. Any good show stories?

Just a few days ago we were in Salt Lake City, Otis and I were behind the merch table which we have a sign that says cds are "discount price" and right underneath we have ebb shirts and the cd sitting right there with our name huge on it.
So this girl comes up to Otis and is like I want a discount cd. Otis hands it to her and takes her money, then she's just standing there for a second then looks up at Otis with a really disgusted face and goes "every bridge burned? Who is this?" then otis freezes bc he's so suprised and confused ..then she gets even more pissed and in a louder voice goes " what cd is this! I don't want this crap." Turns out she wanted a Catherine cd and they were right next to us.
I think its hilarious. I just don't know how she missed all of our merch that the sign was sitting on. Haha

7. What's your favorite song to play live and why?

Probably You're a damn lion and In the heat of the night. Just because they are our oldest songs so more kids know those 2 the most.

8. If you could tour with any three acts, who would they be?

Hit The Lights, Catherine. The Bled would be sweet too.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Right this second Straylight Run. Lately its been Poison The Well, Just Surrender, Mayday Parade, you know the basic shred/black metal stuff

10. What's next for Every Bridge Burned?

Right now its just tour tour tour and maybe write who knows. We are just goin where ever the wind takes us.