-Interview- For The Glory 4/15/08

For The Glory

Genre: Hardcore comparable to (old) Hatebreed or (old)Day Of Contempt.
Interviewed on: 4/15/08
From: Porto, Portugal


1. What are your names and role in the band?

Hey my name is Ricardo, I do the vocals, Sergio B plays guitar, JP plays the other guitar, Claudio plays drums and Rui Bras plays the bass.

2. Being from Portugal, how is the music scene over there?

Its really good actually in all sorts of ways, there are tons of bands and there are plenty of good ones, from pop to hip hop, metal, hardcore, punk, whatever, I think that the fact that our culture right is way more open minded to other cultures and that fact that we have really a lot of young people that started to care more about music in general.
Of course there also the Trad stuff like Fado or whatever and that is cool too. Young kids seem to be into mixing the modern sounds with the traditional shit.

3. How does the writing process occur with the band?

Well we kinda just get together in the practice room and do some tunes all together, sometimes I sing the guitar riffs, other times Sergio brings good groovie parts, but mostly we make everything together, this new record is a mix of everybodys ideas literally.

4. How did you guys come up with the name "For The Glory"?

There was this band I really like called Floorpunch, they had a song where they were saying something like "all us kids, all our stories, we come together for the glory". I really think its the name that would fit for us, we have made this band on the road, and with this band we want to share dreams and set some goals we wanted to reach, meet people, so it was perfect. it fits!

5. If you guys could tour with any three bands, who would they be?

Its a really hard question so many bands I really dig. but lets say
Madball, Ringworm, No Warning. Now 3 more Biohazard, Cro Mags, mMrauder.

6. Is there any new songs written?

Yeah we are working on 3 new songs to be recorded for a split with a German band, its sounding good. We will do things as we want, and we dont care if people will say its not hard enough or whatever, you gotta do what you like.

7. Being together since 2003, you guys have any good show stories?

Well our first show there was a huge fight, like bottles against buses, shit like it was off the hook. There are always good stories, we got this on tape I was drinking too much with Claudio in Germany and I just fell asleep in a couch in the middle of the venue and I was KO, there is this video where Sergio is getting me a sleeping bag, covering me and fixing me a pillow like a sweet dude hahaha
Apart from cops on borders and all that, there are always good stories!

8. You guys have any plans on coming over here to the US?

I was talking with Joe from Shattered Realm for while about geting us over there to play some shows, but the issue is that we dont even have a record out there, we would love to send the recordings for a label to put it out, we dont care what they will do it, we would love to go there one day, we will see how it goes, but right now Im focused on working hard to pay my bills, tour Europe, go to different places like eastern Europe, we will see.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Im listening to a lot of Portuguese hip hop, some old bands from Portugal, but most of the times I listen to my playlist that I love to when Im driving haha
No Warning, Madball, Ragmen, Merauder, Ignite, Rise and Fall, Black Friday 29, Barcode... some bands I can think of right now.

10. What's next for For The Glory?

Record those 3 new songs, playing as much as we can, just hanging out, make everything work with our personal issues, and that is it.
we will get our "Survival Of The Fittest" CD pressed in Brazil as well as in Europe by a German label with more exposure, then next year we will go to Brazil! Crazyyyyy....

11. Any shoutouts?

Thank you very much for this interview and the time you gave us to speak about ourselves, we def want to go to the states and we def want to get our record out there, so labels get in touch baby..
Be safe.