-Interview- In Irons 4/14/08

In Irons
(Holdfast Records)

Genre: Melodic hardcore in the vein of It Prevails or Life In Your Way.
Interviewed on: 4/14/08
From: Huntsville, AL


1. What are your names and role in the band?
My name is Jeff, and I do vocals in the band.

2. How did you guys come up with the name "In Irons"?

"In Irons" is a term used in sailing that means having turned onto or against the wind. Meaning things in this life are rough, and alot of people will run from them. We however are taking these things head on and trying to push through them to become better people. Almost all the lyrics we write are about how you cant trust man and that mankind will fail you and you will hit rough spots in life. We have all found hope, encouragement, and Truth in Jesus Christ, though and we try to show people that its not always what the Church (as a building) says it is: Rules, codemnation, etc. We also write to christians on how we can better ourselves.

3. You guys are playing Cornerstone Festival, you guys excited?

Totally stoked on it, man. This will be for all of us not only our first time playing Cornerstone, but our first time to even attend the event. We are really excited to hang out with some friends and stuff. Hopefully we will get there in time to see Life In your Way, because it will be our last chance to ever see them before they break up. *hangs head =[* haha.

4. The cover for "The Heartbeat Of The Times" is very different, how did that concept come about?

Well, the idea was to show a modern day all around dude about to enter into a Church or we like to think of it more as, the presence of God. The purpose of him just being a regular dude is to convey the idea that you dont have to be in a suit and tie to believe, talk, hang out with, or worship the Lord. Its not a difficult task like some make it out to be.

5. You hooked up with Holdfast Records, how did that come about?

Actually, Dave came to one of our shows to support his other company, Uprise Magazine (www.uprisezine.com). And he really liked us, so we started talking. About a month or two later after some prayer and more conversation on it, we made it official. We love Dave and everything he does for us and couldn't be more happy. Its truely a blessing to work with him.

6. Your musical influences are a lot of old school hardcore bands, what do you think about the hardcore scene today?

Hmm, thats a toughy. I think its become too much on trends and whats hot, however i dont think its as bad off as some like to think it is. There are still some great kids out there that love music and dont change every week as well as some great bands that have an awesome message and great material. One of my favorite bands of today is It Prevails, we all love those dudes and they are pretty good friends of ours. Their music is just passionate and they really have heart behind what they do. Got mad respect for them. Sleeping Giant is another band we all love. Mainly because their music just rules, but also because we share the same beliefs as them as far as true spirit-filled music and just spreading the love of Jesus everywhere.

7. What's your take on music downloading?

Well, ill be honest. I download sometimes when i cant find it elsewhere. But, i will always support when touring bands come though. I know how it is not getting money, but thats not always whats important for us. If there is a site that has our cd for free....go for it, by all means. Burn it for a friend. Our message and hard work is getting out there, and thats what we love to see.

8. What's your inspiration for the song writing aspect of your music?

Straight up, being in the presence of the Lord. haha. Thats it, and of course all our influences.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Man, It Prevails, American Me, Carry The Torch, Strongarm(always), Shai Hulud, Means, Sleeping Giant, Life In Your Way....the list could go on forever, haha.

10. What's next for In Irons?

We are actually about to start working on some new material. We have some stuff, but we just have not had the time to fuse it all together yet. So writing and then, we hit the road with our boys Choices Made from July 20th-Aug 5th. So, COME OUT and hang!!

11. Any shoutouts?

All our hometown homies in the 256. Tony from American Me, returning the shoutout he did for us in AMP mag. haha. Choices Made, we cant wait for tour. Carry The Torch....we will tour someday! It Prevails, take care of our boy Tanner! All you that have taken the time to listen to our music, thank you so much, it means the world to us! And we pray blessings on all of you. Thanks to you for the interview, kind sir!