-Interview- Ready The Way 4/11/08

Ready The Way

Genre: Melodic hardcore comparable to It Prevails or For The Fallen Dreams.
Interviewed on: 4/11/08
From: Lynchburg, VA


1. What are your names and role in the band?

Well, I'm Brandon and I do all the vocals. There is Toby who plays bass, Lee who plays drums, and Mike who plays guitar. We recently lost a guitarist and are 4-piecing it for now. We're seeking God's will in the situation. We have some different options we're looking into as far as filling that spot. Our upcoming tour in May will be as a 4-piece.

2. You guys just released an EP with Saravian but when can we expect a new full length?

Honestly, I really don't know. I wish I could tell you for sure. I would definitely say by the end of the year. Right now, it's looking like it is going to called "Progress." The songs "Waiting" and "Come, Follow Me" from the split will be on it. It will probably be about 8 tracks in total.

3. You guys have a very strong Christian influence, is that something that was ever a problem with anyone?

If you mean anyone in the band, the answer is no. We started this as a band that wanted to glorify God in its lyrics. Slowly but surely, we realized Ready the Way was more than that. We exist as a ministry for Jesus Christ. Some people don't like it that we're so bold but we are doing what we feel called to do. We truly feel like the church has lost its love, it's heart and purpose. It is rejecting the very people Christ came to save: the sick. We are trying to show the kids of this scene that, despite the fact that they may have been hurt and pushed down and neglected and scarred, there is a God in heaven who craves an intimate relationship with them. When we tour we hope to plant seeds of faith, we desire to allow Christ to change hearts through the music he is blessing us with.

4. How does the writing process occur with the band?

Things are little different now, since our other guitarist left. We usually will get together when Mike's got a sweet guitar line to build off of. Lee and Toby will be ready to learn and jam with him. I usually supervise until it's mostly together and then I will start to add my vocals.

5. You guys have a lot of shows coming up with a lot of different bands (Gray Lines Of Perfection, Burden Of A Day, It Prevails, etc). Are there any bands you'd like to tour with in the near future that you haven't played shows with yet?

The tour of a lifetime for us would be with Life in Your Way. We've played with them several times and we're good friends with them but they're breaking up now. :( I personally would love to play with As Cities Burn, Misery Signals, and Thrice. I dream big. Haha.

6. The cover art for the split EP with Saravain is very unique, was it one of you guys' designs or one of theirs?

Saravain approached us about doing the split and Paul, their guitarist, already had two designs he had been working on. He and I decided on the one you see on the cd and on your computer. I love it.

7. Being from VA, how is the scene there?

We love our scene. Lynchburg is so awesome. We are all from Richmond but everyone but me goes to school in Lynchburg, about 2 hours away. We play there more than Richmond. The kids there have really taken us in and embraced us as their own. It's so awesome to have so many great people showing up consistently to see us and go crazy. We love them and everything they do for us.

8. Is it safe to say that the music from the split EP will sound like the music on the upcoming album?

Generally, I would say yes. Just keep in mind the fact that we lost a guitarist so some things, especially if a new guy comes in to help us in writing, are going to be a little different. Not too different though. Maybe a little more br00tal. Haha. Yeah, we're br00tal. Just kidding. Ok, so maybe a little.

9. What are you currently listening to?

Personally, I'm currently really into Beloved, Conditions, Deas Vail, The Glorious Unseen, Gwen Stacy, It Prevails, Oceana, The Postal Service, Search the City, and Thrice. Wow that got really long.

10. What's next for Ready The Way?

We're working on practicing for tour right now. We're also still booking that tour. We still need some help if any one can offer any. We may finish one more new song before tour, but other than that the rest of this summer will be devoted to getting things together, unifying, and hopefully writing. We shall see what happens.

11. Any shoutouts?

RTW loves: God! He keeps us going even when we lack. Other than Him, our families, our lovely girlfriends (yes, we're all very happily taken), Caleb Stone, Ed Nicholson, Joe McElroy, Cory at IVM, John at The Sound Barn, My Epic, Saravain, Gray Lines of Perfection, Life in Your Way, The Comeback Tour, Flynn, The Avenger, Cease the White Horse, and Aneirin. There are so many people I know I'm leaving out and I'm sorry but I don't wanna be doing this for forever (and trust me, I probably could).