-Interview- A Traitor Like Judas 4/21/08

A Traitor Like Judas
(Goodlife Recordings)

Genre: Metalcore comparable to (old) As I Lay Dying or Unearth.
Interviewed on: 4/21/08
From: Kassel, Germany


1. What are your names and role in the band?

The Current Line-Up is:

Philipp Resslhuber: Drums
Jasper Elter: Vocals
Jan Knackstedt: Bass
Dennis Thiele: Guitar
Florian Kuhlmann: Guitar

2. How did you guys come up with the name "A Traitor Like Judas"?

We don't really remember who came up with the idea back then. Actually there is not a deeper meaning behind the name or something, we just liked the name. Sometimes we are asked if we have a Christian background because of the name, but that is wrong!!!

3. How is the new album coming along? When can we expect it? Is it named?

The album is coming along really well and we plan to release it in autumn. We don't have a name yet, but I can tell you that it will sound quiet different than the last record. We got a new guitar player and a new singer since the release of our last record, and of course the lineup affected the songwriting process and the sound a lot. We also changed the guitar tuning, so yeah...some people will be surprised I guess!

4. Being from Germany, how is the music scene over there?

I would call it ok, I think. Of course the big hype with all these kids on Myspace acting like rockstars also appears in Germany. But we also have a lot of really cool and hardworking bands over here, many kids that are doing shows, supporting each other, stuff like that.

5. You hooked up with Goodlife Recordings, how did that come about?

We played a Festival in Belgium where the Goodlife Crew saw our set, and so they decided to sign us. Simply as that!:-)

6. You guys have a big tour coming up, you guys excited?

Yeah! We are really looking forward to our upcoming tours. We haven't played any shows for 6 weeks now, so it's time to get on the road again!

7. If you could tour with any three bands, who would they be?

Hm....I would definitely choose Tool first, being able to watch their stage performance every night would be awesome! I would also choose Necrophagist and Iced Earth.Haha, that would be a cool package!

8. You guys played with a ton of national acts, any good show stories?

What happens on tour, stays on tour!;-)

9. What are you currently listening to?

Right now on heavy Rotation: Arsis, Dark Funeral, Rwake, City And Sounds

10. What's next for A Traitor Like Judas?

We'll be on tour a few days next month, afterwards we will play some cool festivals in the summer, and then we'll be on tour nearly the whole autumn in Spain, Portugal,Denmark the UK and many other countries!

11. Any shoutouts?

Thanks for your interest, see you on the road!