-Interview- Take The Crown 5/14/08

Take The Crown
(Rise Records)

Genre: Emocore/punk rock with some synth comparable to AFI or Saosin.
Interviewed on: 5/14/08
From: Huntington Beach, CA


1. Yo, Take The Crown!!! ¡¿Que Tal?! [Whats Up?!] How are you all doing?! What are you up to???

We're doing great! Our new record just came out today and we just kicked off a tour with Emarosa, Lower Definition, and Jamies Elsewhere. We're in the van driving in a thunderstorm scared for our lives.

2. I know you guys have been building a strong rep over there on the Pacific side, and I'm sure a lot of people are already familiar with you, but could we get a sound off of who is in the band and what they do, for all the people here on the Atlantic side of the map who may just be now catching on?

We're a six piece band..Beau Bokan sings, Nick Coffey plays guitar, Ryan Wilson plays keyboard, James Campbell plays bass and keyboard, Aaron Elliott plays drums, and our friend Ken Floyd is currently filling in for second guitar.

3. You have from what I've heard, a really STRONG album, called 'Relapse React' on your hands due out on May 13th. If anything, what would be the best reason(s) for the kids to pick up this album when it comes out?

We are really happy with our album; it offers kids something a little different that is not too difficult too grasp. We really focused on writing a record that is easy to relate to.

4. With that, where does that title, 'Relapse React' come from? Can we expect to hear any good, but left-field surprises with 'Relapse React'?

The title comes from dealing with situations that we struggle with; not succumbing to defeat.
People can expect to hear a lot of big changes from our ep when listening to this album. We've pushed ourselves to do a lot of things we haven't done in the past.

5. You're signed to Rise Records, a very respected label, you're about to head out with Emarosa & the album is practically a few days away from being released!!! What if you guys were to blow up with this one and hit that 'Underoath' or 'Paramore' type of popularity?

We'd throw a party, drive our van off a cliff, and spend all our money on dvds.

6. How do you think you would react to that type of thing? Would you embrace it or kinda throw it to the side?

We work hard and would love for success to come of it.

7. How has touring in general been thus far? Like are you the type of band to roll into a town and try to turn it inside out or do you guys prefer to try and keep it low key & fairly 'professional'?

Haha..both. we tear the town apart and act like idiots, but we try to be professional around venues and bands we work with.

8. How are you all after the show? By that time are you usually tired?, Or are you the kind to try and keep the momentum going into the wee hours of the morning, partying and sht!

We party at Dennys. Moons over my hammy..hold the hammy..sub turkey. moons over my turkey.

9. I see you also went out with Oceana, too! We ran an interview with them (Oceana Interview 4/16/08) just a little while ago, and they were really kool, and judging from what I've heard & seen, you guys are pretty tight with them! I take it you guys bonded with them pretty good? Any comments?

Yeah..we went white water rafting in Blackfoot, Idaho and the singer fell in right after this gnarly rapid. He was so lucky.

10. Now, it's time for the word association part of the interview! I'm going to say something, and you tell me what the first thing that comes to your mind. You can reply with a one word answer, OR with a sentence, its totally up to you. Ready???! Lets Go!

'WONKA' nerds

'CALI' every red hot chili peppers single

'GODZILLA' matthew broderick

'AFI' thank you

'SEGA' clayfighter

'HELLO KITTY' tablecloth

'GROUPIES' aaron elliott

'GAS PRICES' fuck you

'MEXICO' emo

'NIKE SB/6.0' huh?

'KILLIN' IT' prom night

'HYPHY' i don't get it



'LIFE' time warner

11. Well, in closing, I'd like to say once again thank you Take The Crown for participating in our little interview & I hope it wasn't TOO much like pulling teeth!!! ;) I can't wait until that album drops and best believe I'm gonna be picking that up on the 13th!!! Now, before we wrap this totally up, Are their any last words you'd like to share with us and/or the fans?


Thanks guys!!!