-Review- Paddock Park-With False Hope EP

Paddock Park
Label: Unsigned
From: Ocala, FL
With False Hope EP
Release Date: Late 2007


Track Listing:

1. Smile You're A Whore
2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
3. HopeYouDieXO
4. Running Away
5. I Only Regret The Summer
6. I'll Swing My Fist
7. Running Away (Acoustic)

Being from Florida must be a really tough thing for bands nowadays. With bands like Poison The Well, Underoath, Evergreen Terrace and New Found Glory paving the way for newer generation bands like A Day To Remember and Hand To Hand. Another band you can add to the list of newer generation bands that are looking to get their shine is Paddock Park.

Formed in the summer of 2007, Paddock Park is very much similar to Ocala's own A Day To Remember (same town oddly enough). With catchy choruses as well as big breakdowns, this stuff could attract the tough hardcore kid the same as the kid into Silverstein and New Found Glory.

The EP starts off with the intro track "Smile You're A Whore" (beings its only a little over a minute long) with big breakdowns and aggressive lyrics. The next song "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" will win over audiences everywhere. It has a catchy chorus as well as screaming vocals.

That sets the stage really of what's about to come with melodic poppy choruses mixed with hardcore. The closer of the album is the acoustic version of "Running Away" which was actually quite a surprise to hear. Some bands put acoustic versions of songs on their album and it just seems flat. Paddock Park does it a little different and it sounds just as emotional as the other songs on the EP.

With an EP that only clocks in at a little over 16 minutes, this is a taste of what's about to come in the Florida music circuit. If you want something catchy as hell as well as hard as nails, check out Paddock Park. They will be the next big thing to come out of Florida.

Sounds like:
A Day To Remember, Evergreen Terrace

Standout Tracks-
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"