-Review- Bury Tomorrow - The Sleep Of The Innocents EP

Bury Tomorrow
Label: Unsigned
From: Portsmouth, UK
The Sleep Of The Innocents EP
Release Date: 2007


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Salvation And The Martyr
3. This Town Was Ours
4. Interlude
5. Before The Silence
6. These Woods Aren't Safe For Us
7. From Broken Heroes

Bury Tomorrow is the name of the band. First thoughts for some might be another generic hardcore band thats in the realm of Throwdown or Hatebreed. Those people would be wrong. Bury Tomorrow has toured with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Parkway Drive.

What is on this album includes some of the most emotional, catchiest, melodic metalcore to come out of the UK since Funeral For A Friend's "Between Order And Model" EP.

The EP starts off with the intro track coincidentally titled "Intro". "Salvation And The Martyr" is a song that will suck you in and won't let you go till it's done. "This Town Is Ours" almost sounds like an old Funeral For A Friend b-side but more raw and aggressive.

Track 4 is another interlude but with a bit of acoustic singing involved.
The song "These Woods Aren't Safe For Us" will put Bury Tomorrow on the map. This song hits with such intensity that it would take the US by storm.

This is only an EP from such a promising band that it will catapult them to great heights here in the states. The bands here in the states need to watch their back, these bands from the UK are starting to show that they can run with the big boys too. Check these guys out quick, you will not be disappointed.

Sounds like:
Old Atreyu, Funeral For A Friend, It Dies Today

Standout Tracks-
"This Town Was Ours"
"These Woods Aren't Safe For Us"