-Review- House Vs Hurricane - The Forfeiture EP

House Vs Hurricane
Label: El Shaddia Records
From: Melbourne, Australia
The Forfeiture EP
Release Date: June 21, 2008


Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Forfeiture
3. Comforting Our Thoughts In A Continuous Blue
4. Seeing Clearly Through Water
5. Colourspace
6. The Only Virtue
7. Furious George

With an unique name like "House Vs Hurricane" you could be either really bad or really good. Luckily these boys from Australia are EXTREMELY GOOD. Hailing from the same country as heavyweights Parkway Drive, House Vs Hurricane are looking to captivate fans across the globe just like Parkway Drive has.

The "Colour Space" is an instrumental track. The two tracks "Comforting Our Thoughts In A Continuous Blue" and "Forfeiture" almost sound like Emery b-sides. That is if Emery was this raw and dancy (see the ending of the latter track).

The song "Furious George" is very reminiscent of Enter Shikari. Its opening is piano driven and hits with a breakdown to catch the listeners attention.

"Introduction" is an instrumental track that could've been used in the movie Edward Scissorhands. "Seeing Things Through Water" and "The Virtue" are great songs to keep the album going in a great direction. Listening to this album isn't like listening to other albums. This one draws you in and doesn't let you go till it's all over. When it is, you're still craving for more.

Anyone that is grown tired of the American emo-core, check this band out. You won't be disappointed. They are fresh, new and extremely talented. Keep an eye out for this band.

Sounds like:
Old Emery, Enter Shikari, Old Underoath

Standout Tracks-
"Furious George"