-Interview- My Minds Weapon 7/10/08

My Minds Weapon
(Basick Records)

Genre: Melodic metalcore in the vein of As I Lay Dying or Misery Signals.
Interviewed on: 7/11/08
From: Aberdeen, Scotland


1. What's your names and roles in the band?
Alex - Bass
Dan - Guitar
Mark - Guitar
Nick - Drums
Ben - Vocals

2. How did the band get together and form?

The band was formed by an old member who isnt in the band anymore. Basically to keep it short all of us were in other bands from our area, in my opinion we kind of took all the best parts of those bands and formed MMW. This was in early 2003. We all were growing tired of what our current bands were doing and the lack of enthusiasm from other members so we came together and did this. It has been more than any of us couldve wished for but we keep on going ticking achievements off one by one.

3. The album artwork for "The Carrion Sky" is very cool. Who came up with the vision and is there any meaning behind it?

All our artwork for tee shirts and releases etc is done by Dan. He always has a vision for how the band should be represented. There is a meaning to an extent behind the artwork. The songs on the album are all lyrically about relationships and not just in with the opposite sex realm either. Relationships with the world around you, loved ones, people from your past and people in your present and most importantly, with yourself. The artwork kind of is as dark and unwelcoming as the lyrical content of those songs on the album.

4. How does the writing process come together?

Thats a good question where we are involved because I think that we are kind of backward in a way haha! I write the lyrics before I hear music usually. Im always writing lyrics and have a loose structure i tend to stick to. Dan writes songs in pretty much their entirety and then him and nick come together and arrange them and tweak them. Dan and the other guys will jam the song for a good while and then I come along, decide what music fits what lyrics best in both mood and actual length and work the lyrics into the music. Dan will often help with that and nick from time to time as well.

5. You guys recently had a video for the song "Lucky Like Kokura". How did the video come about and where was it shot?

Well we had seen a few bands that we know were making good, professional looking videos for quite a small amount of money and we wanted in on the act hahaha! Basically we found out who the guy who made these videos we liked was and spoke to him. He is Ben Thornley and his company is called sitcomsoldiers.com. They are awesome. We have made another video with him for "The Killing Horizon." These two songs were the singles from our album you see so it made sense. We shot that particular video in my parents old house' barn. They lived on a disused farm so there was these creepy outhouses, barns whatever you want to call them. There was junk everywhere and pigeon crap. We are really happy with how it came out.

6. What's your take on music downloading?

Oh that classic haha! hmmm I think we all do it to be honest. Some more than others haha! I do it then if i like i buy...so the old try before you buy thing. Dan is the same actually. Dan and i are old school in the sense that we are into having a collection of music that you can look at and be proud of. The other guys dont really give a shit. Its definitely an angel and a devil at the same time and i must admit when you get in a situation where your own music is illegally downloaded and not bought....it kind of stings you.

7. You guys played with some nationally signed acts, any good show stories?

Oh man...where do i start...we have so many stories. Erm ok...here is a good one for you. We have played the Scottish date of the Taste of Chaos tour twice yeah? 2005 and 2006. The first time the Used were the headliners ok? So, a friend of mine is crazy about the used and she texts me saying "come to x place and meet me!" I dont remember where it was exactly. So i come out from backstage and find her. She has her used cd sleeve and she is like "please please get Bert to sign it if you can?" So im like "no worries...ill try." So im stood side stage and they are coming along and they have this small asian female with them and she is looking all important with a clipboard and headset etc and i go upto bert and im like really polite and all...I say "sorry to bother you man but can you sign this for my friend she adores you guys?" He just looks at me..well up at me hahaha, he is tiny, anyway and looks at me like he wants me dead and says nothing, takes it from me and signs it. I walk away thinking "woah...what the hell" and the female comes up to me and is like "dont ever do that again!" I turn around and thankfully i was quick witted enough to say "dont worry i have the signature now so i wont!" Hahahaha. I dont who she was...like their PA or something lame liek that. The irony is that he is on stage in their set going "we love you all so much, youre the reason we are here etc" and im like..."bullshit!"

8. What's your favorite song to play live?

Hmmm mine is "At least you're not dead."
I know alex likes kiokura best....i dont know about the other guys...i think they vary!

9. Are there any UK based bands we should check out?

Oh shit yeah...Im not just saying this but all the bands on our label Basick Records are awesome. We are so proud to be on such a good label. The Fell Silent record is AMAZING! I cant stop listening to that! That came out in June like our album did. Cry for Silence are amazing and we are good mates with them. My personal faveorite UK band is a band that are VERY different to us, infact arent even metal and that is a band called Think:Fire from Glasgow. Beautiful music. My favourite UK metal band is a band from Manchester called Blueprint To A Downfall. Erm...Proceed. Just check the bands in our top friends to be honest. Im sure your readers will find some stuff they like.

10. What are you guys currently listening to?

Fell Silent hahaha! All of us are killing that album...
Erm wow...all kinds of different stuff. Right now i think Dan is listening to alot of Textures. I mean we all hav our genres that we prefer and stuff im just trying to give you really current things we are listening to. Im well into the new 36 Crazyfists record at the moment. I love that band. Alex is listening to these albums at the moment - faith no more - king for a day, have heart - songs to scream at the sun, ambitions - stranger. Alex is big into his hardcore, stuff on think fast, bridge nine etc. Weare all always listening to misery signals. Im on a big megadeth trip at the moment that i have a few times a year!

11. What's next for My Minds Weapon?

Well...pushing the album alot more and some more touring towards the end of the year. We are also writing for the second album that is going to be really special from what i know at this stage.

12. Any shoutouts?

Just to anyone that reads this and likes us...thanks it means a lot and to anyone reading that doesn't know us yet...check us out.