-Interview- Alessa Hills 7/3/08

Alessa Hills

Genre: Melodic Metalcore in the vein of old Poison The Well or old Bury Your Dead
Interviewed on: 7/3/08
From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


1. As you already know, one day I was just messing around on DameRock. com and came across you guys & after checking out your MySpace I came to quick realization that your really, really good. Now, I'm going to be quite honest, most people in the States don't know that theres any sort of rock scene in the Dominican Republic or ANY of the Caribbean Islands for that matter. With Bachata & Merengue music being the more popular exports from the DR musically speaking, I'm curious to know how the rock scene is down there. Is it thriving and growing or is it still relatively underground?

Well thank you again. We’re blushing as we read this haha
Yes most people dont even know theres rock bands in this country, most people over here stick to merengue and that sort of genres. The general rock scene of this country is slowly getting more fans. A few years ago you wouldnt see more than 100 kids at a really big show, but since a couple of years ago new bands have come up and more people our going to shows to support and have a good time. We still think its kinda underground, but were counting on getting more attention in a near future.

2. And with that, how has everyone in Santo Domingo and the rest of the island been reacting particularly to Alessa Hills and what your all trying to do?

We were very well received since our first gig, and gained lots of street cred.
Since we play a metal/hardcore genre, metal fans where psyched and going to our gigs to mosh, and rock and screamo fans where glad to hear some metal stuff with some clean vocals.

3. Okay, now allow me to dip into your past a little bit :). When was Alessa Hills formed? Were any of you in bands prior to Alessa Hills, or is this all your first go-round? What made all of you want to start/ be in a band?

We came up with the idea in mid '06, at that time all of us where in different bands.
Its kinda funny how it all started. We went to the movies to see Silent Hill, and we all got like "man, that movie kicks ass!", after a month of talking and planning, it went down like, "what would happen if we take silent hill and make music that resembles it, some really hardcore stuff", after a while and some rehearsing sessions we had a few songs put up together and we decided to give it a try and play in a gig. Since each of us was playing in rock and alternative bands this was new and refreshing for us.

4. What music did you listen to while growing up that you were really inspired by? And if you could name one band or singer that you were like 'Damn, I want to be a musician for the rest of my life!', who would it be?

We all have a different taste in music, It goes from City and Colour, which is acoustic (one of my personal favorites) to Deicide and Suicide Silence, so its a very wide range.
About a favorite band well its a long list haha, we'll say Chiodos, City and Colour, Bring Me The Horizon & Every Time I Die, just to name a few.

5. You guys have an EP that you've been working on for a little while now, and we were just wondering if you could give us ANY info on it! I mean, so far you have been pretty tight-lipped about it, but we want to hear something about it! Can we get a release date or some song names or ANYTHING?! lol

Well yeah were keeping it very secret. We dont have a release date, as of yet
We have the art design its gonna have, it'll have six songs, and about song names, we can give out "lucky number six" and "dahlia", and they’re as brutal as their names haha

6. Will 'Tension Rising' and 'Fight Club' be included on it?

Yes, we even have a new version of fight club, so people can mosh even more than the actual xD

7. Which brings me to my next question...I've seen it on your T-shirts and you guys have it as a title of a song but what exactly is 'the Fight Club'? Like, I know its a movie, but does it have a special meaning to you or is it something that you live by or what? :)

It was inspired by the movie, but after a while it turned into a personal phrase of ours, "join the fight club", since the part of our gigs that we enjoy the most are the insane moshes and pits we get when we start playing, so thats what were refering to, plus the movie is just awesome. haha

8. I've also noticed that you seem to primarily sing in English, but was wondering if you had any songs en Español that you were working on, and will they be released on your EP as well?

Although we’re a native spanish speaking country, we keep our lyrics in english, since most people around here are bilingual. But who knows maybe we'll get some spanish lyrics on a song in a future.

9. When it comes down to writing the bulk of your lyrics, what would you say they mainly revolve around? Are they more or less aimed at social situations, or everyday things or past girlfriends or what?

We pick all sort of subjects, everything from a personal problem that one of us had, society, to a joke one of us said, I dont remember whats the songs name, but its a goof, we even get Frank to sing in a Borat type of voice on that one.

10. Do any of the other members kick in any ideas about what they think a particular song should portray or a certain message that it should have? Do they ever have lyrics that they themselves wrote that they want you to sing?

Yeah, all of us get to stick a part of what were thinking about in a song. When it comes to lyrics we just write and afterwards we blend it all in to get a final result.

11. Are there any bands NOW that you draw inspiration from and are feeling that you wouldn't mind touring with? Also, are there any other bands in the DR doing the damn thing that people should check out?

Yeah sure, both from over here and international bands. D.R. has really awesome bands and great musicians, they just need to get out there and play in some shows.
We have good friends in numerous bands from D.R., here are some that you should check out:

www. myspace. com/ivory
www. myspace. com/aurora
www. myspace. com/watchoutkidband (Serge, Emmanuel & I play in this one and were having an EP release on June 27 so check us out =D )

13. Where do you hope that the music takes you? For example, would you mind becoming like, 'the next big thing', touring the world and finding a great deal of success allover? Because honestly, I think you have that potential to DEFINATELY have a strong following.

Well personally we think its just amazing to play concerts and touring for a living, so it would be like a dream come true. Besides that, we like to have fun at our shows as well as much as the kids that go and support us.

14. Once again, thank you for giving us the chance to interview you & I wish you all the best of luck!!! So, do you have any last words that you would like to share with us and the readers?

Just to be safe and have fun, tons of fun. At the end of the day it comes down to that.
Thanks again for giving us the chance to be a part of From The Depths Entertainment with this interview and remember y'all, join the fight club!