-Interview- Herbrightskies 6/28/08

(District 19 Inc.)

Genre: Emocore akin to Old Finch, Silverstein
Interviewed on: 6/28/08
From: Jonkoping, Sweden


1. What's your names and roles in the band?
Petter - guitar and lyrics writer
Johan - vocals and songwriter
Niclas - guitar and songwriter
Jonas - drummer
Albin - bass

2. How did the band come about?

We were in different bands before. The whole american emo/hardcore wave came to Sweden and we figured we should start a new band, since we were listening to bands like Underoath, Senses Fail and other great bands from abroad.

3. Who thought of the name "Herbrightskies"? How did the name come about? Any special meaning behind it?

It was a name that I (Petter) just came up with at random, it doesn't have any meaning really. I wish i had an interesting story but I don't ;]

4. Being from Sweden, how is the music scene there?

The music scene for this type of music is really growing. We're seeing more and more kids at the shows and we've been having alot of sweet english and americans bands here lately. Also there's a lot of swedish bands that have been playing this music for a couple of years now and are starting to get really good!

5. Have you guys played with any US acts? If so, who?

Yeah we have opened for The Chariot, and have been playing at the same festivals as Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Strike Anywhere to name a few.

6. You guys hooked up with District 19 Inc. how did that come about?

Me and one of the dudes in District 19 became good friends. He books bands and i have put up a couple of shows that he was booking, so that's how we came in contact.

7. What's your favorite song on the album to play? What's the song that gets the craziest crowd response?

I would have to say that my favorite is "Some Live Their Lives". The song has deep personal meaning to me and i love how energetic the song is. The song that really gets the crowd going though is a song off the EP called "Roses". Our new album hasn't been out that long so i don't think anyone have figured out which song they like the most yet. Time will tell.

8. Any good show stories?

We played a show in Norway one time. And after the show we got to the place where we were supposed to sleep. The first thing we saw was these bloody mannequin dolls (u know what i mean?) that was strapped down to beds with no matrasses. And there were chairs glued to the ceiling and pictures of babies on the walls. It all had a kind of satanic vibe to it. It was by far the creepiest thing i have ever seen. So we just left and drove home from Norway. It took a while but i would rather die than sleep there.

9. What's your take on illegal music downloading?

It's both good and bad I guess. Without people downloading our songs we probably wouldn't have gotten this far, still we really want to be able to make a living off our music and if people don't buy your record that's pretty much impossible. I still prefer you download it though, and if you like it, buy it.

10. What are you guys currently listening to?

We like the latest The Rocket Summer album a lot. And The Academy is..

11. What's next for Herbrightskies?

A tour with the scottish band "Yashin". All over Europe and England.

12. Any shoutouts?

Check out our songs and drop a comment on myspace afterwards!