-Interview- According To You 8/27/08

According To You

Genre: Emocore akin to Emery or House Vs Hurricane.
Interviewed on: 8/27/08
From: Goes, Netherlands


1. How did the band get together and form?

We know each other from high school! I’ve known Maikel (the singer of the band) for whole my life and we started playing guitar together. When we were going to high school together, we met Hubert and Roald and they were having the idea to start a band. First we’ve played for two years in an other formation with another singer, but that didn’t work out. Then we decided to put Maikel behind the mic, and According To You was born.

2. You guys are recording a new album, hows that going and is it named yet?

The album is ready! We released it in june, and it is called “The Key To Our Broken Hearts”. Guess what? The most songs are about love! Can you imagine? We are very, very proud of it!

3. How does the writing process come together?

Most of the time we’re starting with a guitar riff. We are focussing on the melody. When Maik or me came with a guitar riff, we’re putting it all together in a band rehearsal. Sometimes we are making pre-recordings, to see if something works out the way we want it. When a song’s ready we keep playing it until it’s stuck in our heads!

4. How is the scene for music in the Netherlands?

Well, I guess you could say it’s quite dynamic. Booking agencies and venues are most of the time “playing on safe” by booking something that has become popular yet. This results in very various line ups. Most of the venues are not booking just one genre, but just everything that’s popular at the moment. So when you hear something on the radio, the chance is big that you have the opportunity to check it out within two months. For a band, this means that you really have to earn it to get to the bigger avenues, but there are a lot of taverns and little avenues that are providing a stage for starting bands. You can always start making music! The thing in the Netherlands I like most is that this country is small. Taking the train from north to south doesn’t take you longer then about 2/3 hours. No venue is too far away! The diverse booking of venues is also cool, sometimes you can go clubbing and see awesome deejays at the same venue where a cool rock-gig is planned the next day.

5. How would you say the new material compares to the old EP?

I think it might sound like more of the same, but we’ve written the music to be more melodic. You can notice this in catchy lines in the choruses, and some soft bridges.. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not rocking anymore! For the fans of the older hardcore-ish work like “In The End Of Time” and “Light” there is enough to offer! Consider the new album poprock with a twist of hardcore.

6. What's your take on music downloading?

Well.. I’m not denying that I am guilty. For ATY it’s now a matter of getting many shows, not of making lots of money yet.. When you’re a true fan, you can pay, and when you’re just curious you can download something I guess..? It’s your choice! I’m not blaming anybody!

7. Any plans on touring in the summer in support of the album?

We couldn’t set up a summertour because the album was released very late, we’ve learned that touring the festivals in the summer should already be fixed somewhere around in January or something.. that was to early to come up with new material yet. But we’re hoping on a summertour next year!

8. Are there any Netherlands based bands we should check out?

Definitely! We’ve recorded our album with the guitar player of Destine. Check them out! They sound very fresh, very poppy and they are very good on stage! Good music for fans of Sherwood and Mae and so on. We are also good friends with a band called Sense Forward, they’re making some kind of southern rock, like He Is Legend or Norma Jean, but with a melodic European twist. One of our favourites is also The Hot Stewards, this band’s covering all famous eighties artists like Paula Abdul, George Michael and even Abba, in dirty rock and roll!

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

When we’re on the road with the band most of the time we’re listening Saosin, Before Their Eyes, As I Lay Dying and Underoath. It’s very and energetic and nice to hear when you’re heading for a gig! When I’m just relaxing I like to listen poprock bands like The Spill Canvas, Anberlin, Acceptance and so on.

10. What's next for According To You?

We’re focusing on our release party with Destine and Sense Forward, October 11 in a venue near us, that’s gonna be great! Besides of that, we’re planning to play a lot of gigs and meet a lot of other bands and people. We want to bring our music to the people!

11. Any shoutouts?

Yesss! Check our MySpace and let us know what you think! We appreciate that a lot! You can listen some tracks, check some pics, that would be awesome! And ofcourse, when you want, try to get our new album! Anymore shoutouts, did I forget something? A lot of LOVE from ATY!