-Interview- As Silence Breaks 8/19/08

As Silence Breaks

Genre: Metalcore akin to Parkway Drive or (old) Killswitch Engage.
Interviewed on: 8/19/08
From: Sydney, Australia


Interview was conducted with vocalist Anthony.

1. How you guys doing? You guys just had a show the other day at St Clair Rec Centre, how did that go?

It went well, we play a few shows out that way and they always seem to get bigger every time we go back!

2. Hows the new material coming along? Can we expect the new stuff to sound like the demos that were posted?

The new stuff is WAYYYY more mature then before, we're taking our time and making sure we're 100% happy with every section of every song instead of rushing through it all. As for the sound, it's heavy, it's intense, it has its more melodic parts, i guess it just fits perfectly with the evolution on ASB at the moment. I don't think we've been this involved in the writing process with any of our previous songs so the end CD will ultimately be worth the 2 year wait haha.

3. When can we expect a release date on the EP? Is it titled?

It will be recorded October, released in December with our national tour. As for a title, there's been a few thrown around guess you'll have to wait and see.

4. Coming from the same place as Parkway Drive, Vices For Virtues and A Silent Fiction, do you guys ever want to tour the US and have that appeal over here as well as over in your home country?

You bet we do, I can guarantee right now that practically every Australian band is jealous of Parkway, those guys are doing what all of us may only ever dream about doing, America have it lucky sooo many good bands and shows every weekend/month. We wouldn't even care if we opened a run of shows in the US and did the hard yards like every other band, that's just ultimately our goal get out of Australia and play as many shows as possible.

5. What was your inspiration for the lyrics for the song "Who Said Jealousys A Curse"?

oh Christ, I've been asked this a million times and it never gets any easier to explain haha. Well there's a few different reasons for the lyrics, first I'll explain the title, sometimes jealousy isn't always such a bad thing we can use it as inspiration to get what we want or what we want to become, I was jealous of bands that were playing shows/touring etc and I used that to become what I am today. Also I suffer from anxiety problems, so I get jealous of people that have lives that are so normal and don't have to sit up to 5am everyday hoping they don't have a anxiety attack.
Now the lyrics, it's basically I conversation with myself when i was very down and out, "I'll be your affliction, I'll show you what it's like to be unloved, i will tear you apart" that's the jealousy/anxiety talking, and then in the end "I've tried so hard, your paralytic" pretty much I'd given up on myself. "you're wasting every ounce of strength you had, on me" kinda explains itself. It's just a very personal issue that i find music gives me a huge release, you can expect all the lyrics to be centered mainly around me fighting my way outta this shit whole I'm in, they wont be whiny lyrics about girls, I'm happily partnered haha so no problems there.

6. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

back in the day, i despised Metallica for suing Napster, come on! Napster was the shit! haha, but as time goes on and being in a band myself now, you really do realize how much it affects the musicians, the CD that we release is in shops etc for a reason, to pay off debts and make a living, we cant do that when everyone is downloading it or burning it. That said, for a local up and coming band, it's terrific publicity to get your demo out there. I guess people are still listening that's a plus.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Point of no return haha, its the only real old song we play now and kids always seem to go ballistic when they hear it, every show we play the pile ons get bigger and bigger and it's just so much fun to be playing.

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

We all listen to different styles and have different influences, right now I know the new Whitechapel cd is getting thrashed a fair bit, the new Recon CD as well. Me personally I'm mainly listening to Dead and Divine, The Banner and Misery Signals.

9. What's next for As Silence Breaks?

Finish writing this CD, play out the shows until recording, then release this CD in time for the tour in December which will be HUGE. Rather exciting!

10. Any shoutouts?

hmmm... theres too many people to name them all,
Presto And Emissary, The Storm Picturesque, Never See Tomorrow, Thy Art Is Murder and all our other good friends that have helped us out in any way shape or form.

thanks heaps for this, really appreciate it!