-Interview- An Evening At Elmwood 8/20/08

An Evening At Elmwood

Genre: Emocore akin to Emery or old The Used.
Interviewed on: 8/20/08
From: Perth, Australia


1. How you guys doin? How is the weather over there in Australia?

Hey we are doing great thanks, the weather her sucks and then it rules and the next day it sucks again, but ultimately it’s pretty nice.

2. You guys are playing with The Getaway Plan soon, you guys amped? Have you guys played with any national acts before?

Yeah we are totally amped for that show, it’s going to be the first time we have played with those guys so it’s gonna be good. We have been lucky enough to play with a bunch of national acts as well landing some pretty huge supports with bands like The Used, Silverstein, Alexisonfire, Thursday etc. So yes it’s been a pretty big year.

3. Have you guys had any plans to come over here in the US to tour?

Yeah we keep a bag packed at all times just in case we get a call to head over there.

4. The album artwork is awesome, who came up with the concept and what was the inspiration behind it?
Cheers it was done by an Australian artist Joe Whyte who has worked with lots of cool bands like AFI and alkaline trio, we gave him a listen to our EP and he came up with that concept.

5. If you guys could tour with three bands, who would they be?

Defiantly have to say Underoath, mayday Parade and maybe Timberland if he was lucky

6. Have you guys watched the Olympics at all? If so, what sports have you been most interested in?

Well we have been stuck in a rehearsal studio for the last two weeks so we haven’t seen much of it but our guitarist Colyn has been taping all the men’s hockey.

7. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Well we live in one of the most isolated cities in the world so unfortunately we are not always able to buy music from great bands from different countries, so a lot of illegal downloading gets done here . we would rather people download our music and enjoy as opposed to not having it at all because our ultimate goal is to have people here our songs.

8. What is your favourite song to play live and why?

Our Favourite song to play at the moment is Secrets, as it’s just that song that everyone knows and goes nuts whenever we play it.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

At the moment we have all just bought the new Skylit Drive album, an amazing band with amazing hair!!!

10. What's next for An Evening At Elmwood?

We are hitting the studio again next month to record a new single then setting out around the country to play as many shows as possible.

11. Any shoutouts?

“Um that’s correct Wendy we all wear masks metaphorically speaking”