-Interview- The Bridal Procession 8/20/08

The Bridal Procession

Genre: Death metal akin to The Black Dahlia Murder or Between The Buried And Me.
Interviewed on: 8/20/08
From: Paris, France


1. How you guys doin? How did the band/name come about?

Pretty good, working a lot right now to get money for tour, and practicing the new songs.
Our band name just came from both our guitarist and vocalist making fun about the whole "bridal" process and everything involved in it, nothing truly meaningful i guess.

2. You guys are heading out on tour soon, what are some things that someone has to take before leaving to tour?

Money, a lot of money. Unfortunately promoters these times aren't safe, so you need money to tour if you want to get to the next city. Warm and comfy things to sleep well. And some home food when it isn't the same at all in some countries.

3. Any thoughts in coming to the US to tour?

We actually have plans on coming to the US next year, for the promotion of our album before summer 09, with our friends in Salt The Wound and a secret headliner.

4. What is the music scene like over there in France?

Music scene in France is all about techno, indie rock, rap and all that. metal / hardcore scene was big when it was trendy, now it's not and you can see it. No venues accepting metal shows, no promoters, no decent bands, except the huge ones like the amazing Gojira or Benighted or Kronos.

5. If you guys could tour with three bands, who would they be?

In the huge bands I'd say, Between The Buried And Me, Black Dahlia Murder and Misery Index. In others I'd well enjoy a tour with Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya or After The Burial.

6. Have you guys watched the Olympics at all? If so, what sports have you been most interested in?

I've myself been watching it everyday haha, really got into it even if as always our beloved country is just shit. I used to be a long time swimmer so I've been watching swimming a lot. Hands down to Michael Phelps but for once to the frenchies too.

7. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Music downloading is yet another way to promote a band, even if it affects it, it's promoting it. But buying cd's isn't as expensive as before so buy cd's !

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

I'd say While The Carnival, since everyone knows the words when we play it. But musical wise I'd say "Impending Decimation" one of our new songs.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

Recently really got into the new Lionheart cd (On Jamie Jasta's label Stillborn Records) really sick. As well as some old ones, Death Cult Armageddon by Dimmu or Diminishing Between Worlds by Decrepit Birth.

10. What's next for The Bridal Procession?

We're actually just writing our debut album, set to be recorded early next year. And getting ready for our European tour with Salt The Wound.

11.Any shoutouts?

Yeah, once again...France sucks at any sport.