-Interview- The Fight Between Frames 8/15/08

The Fight Between Frames
(Tragic Hero Records)

Genre: Southern Metalcore akin to Mayelene And The Sons Of Disaster or He Is Legend.
Interviewed on: 8/15/08
From: Lafayette, LA


1. How you guys doin? How has the recent shows been?

We're doing good man.Shows have been awesome, we played a local show last night for the first time since we left for summer and it was insane as usual.

2. The album has been out for a little while now, overall how has the reaction been to it ?

We have been getting so many compliments on it, we are really stoked everyone is into it. Haven't heard anything too bad yet so we will keep our fingers crossed.

3. Being from Louisiana, how has Hurricane Katrina a few years back affect music down there?

It affected it quite a bit both in good and bad ways. Lots of bands had to break up from members moving to other states and stuff and also their equipment getting destroyed in the weather which was definitely a bummer. It also helped new bands form around the surrounding areas and gave bands huge inspiration in writing new music and an overall better lookout on life.

4. The album cover for "The Birth Of The Bull And The Labyrinth" is very interesting, what's the meaning behind it and who came up with the concept?

Ohh man actually, Benjamin Lande designed it. He asked us what we wanted and well we said "we want loads of sweet animals on it, but something original like a new breed or something since we are a "new band" to the whole label scene. We sent him that and he came up with the cover. We love it and it seems like the fans like it also. We got this one guy from Michigan who is going to get it tattooed on his chest. Pretty crazy.

5. How did you guys hook up with Tragic Hero Records?

Well we wanted to record our first professionally done EP and we were shopping around for studios. Drew Fulk (guitarist for Yosemite Mudlfap) sent us a message and was like dudes I love the music I also record bands if your looking for a studio. We talked with him for a while and he basically got us involved with Tragic. We went record with him and he set up a showcase show for us while we were in town. Tommy from Tragic came out to the show and we played one of the best shows we have ever played. The crowd was into it and since it was out first time playing North Carolina, we were super pumped they dug it. After the show Tommy told us he loved it and would keep in touch. A few weeks later we were talking it over and it was done.

6. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Well first off its illegal right off the bat so its wrong. It sucks when bands spend so much money on recording and getting everything pressed, working so hard to record a CD and sacrificing time from their everyday life just to make a great CD, then they find out that it leaked and people are stealing their music. Its basically a slap in the face. One hand your like well its sweet people are downloading our stuff but sucks major they aren't helping us out by purchasing it. I think kids more and more these days are understanding that its wrong and will start to help out the bands they love more. Anyone in a band can agree that its a super tough world being trying to keep it going in the music business.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Man our whole set is so energetic its hard to pick just one. We have so much fun at shows and playing every song, they are all equally as fun I guess haha

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Well heres a list:
Trey- Sleeping Giant
Casey- Impending Doom
Tyler- Paramore
Alex- Lydia
Kory- Lil Wayne

9. What's next for The Fight Between Frames?

Well we are all back home now trying to finish up that last year of college. In December/January we are going record our first full length to be released on Tragic and start of next summer full-time touring band. So stoked, we have a lot of plans for the full length.

10. Any shoutouts?

Well first off Tragic Hero Records and Tommy, Brian our manager, Sophia, Sleep Serapis Sleep, Death Of Skepsis, MDC, all the bands we played with this past summer and definitely all of our fans, you guys are the best to us!