-Interview- ...In Memory Off 8/15/08

...In Memory Off

Genre: Indie/Screamo akin to Circa Survive or Mars Volta.
Interviewed on: 8/15/08
From: France


1. How did the band get together and form?

Xav (drums) and myself (vocals) played in two different bands, but had the same feeling: their thoughts were listen just because one or two guys led the composing process quite selfishly. So one day, we deceided to try something new together. I called Seb (bass) to ask him to play guitars with us, but he prefered accept to play bass, and finally, Tibo answered to our small ads, and anybody of ourselves knew that he was an amazing guitar hero. It was in August 2006, and from the first second to now, we take a lot of pleasure to play together.

2. How did the album design for "Takes Of A Mercantile World" come about, its very unique, what the meaning behind it if any?

The designer of "Tales of a mercantile world" is called Ores, a french independant designer. We felt in love with his works on the web, and asked him if he would be interested to try something with a band. He listened some of our songs and said yes. Then we told him to listen the songs of the album, we gave him the lyrics, and just asked him to take inspiration thru the feelings he felt listening the songs.
The meaning of the artwork is in a perfect connection with the lyrics, we are kind of modern slaves, money run thru our veins more than blood. He shows us a mercantile world where even if you make the choice of heart, money and death catch you again. He also tryed to illustrate the emotional ambivalence of our songs, sad, dark, and full of rage in the same time. Inside the booklet, there's a face who looks a bit like a deadly Mickey to symbolize the mercantile world who lead you to the grave.
What a story! lol

3. You guys are from France, how is the music scene over there?

Here things are very hard when you play rock or extrem music. You're obliged to do everything by your own way, espacially with our music, cuz we are too agressive for the rock scene, and not enough for HxC or screamo scene. Most of people are narrow minded and hate when the voice is half agressive half melodic, but we don't care, we prefer do what we want. I think that in USA things seem to be different with open minded people, but i can not be sure cuz we're here, but maybe one day...

4. Have you guys ever thought about coming over here to the USA to tour?

Everyday !!! It's our dream, USA have a rock cultur thru ages, not France, we are sure that people would be more receptive to our music, but for the moment we can't come, we don't know anybody to help us to play in your country, but if someone read this line, just contact us lol

5. What are some of your influences?

Our influences are very various, each one of us have his own world, and we are influenced by every music with good emotions. Hardcore and mathcore bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Fear before the march of flame are very appreciate by Tibo and Xav, they like the complexity of their music. Also we like french screamo scene who still so particular, and a lot of indie bands like The Blood Brothers, At The Drive In, Thursday and many more. It's hard for us to give an influence cuz we have too many, from rock thru jazz to hardcore or electronics, we just want to do what we want when we want without take care of the kind of music, but we still coherent. The more important for us is energy and emotion!

6. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

I think that it can be a good thing when it help people to discover a foreign band, most of time we can't find albums of little bands in our record stores, and downloading help us to discover a band. It's the good side of downloading, but the other side deals with money. make a record cost a lot and to record a second you need to sell your first record, as us nom. People should download to discover and then buy to help the bands they love. It's very hard, our album has been hacked and we've seen it on the net, we were very disappointed, but we told ourselves that people over france will have a way to know us with downloading, so we just wish to have the chance to make a second record.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

I'll answer for all the band, cuz they're in holidays, but i think we all feel the same. Our favorite song to play live is called The Faceless Ballet, it's not on "Tales of a mercantile world", it's a brand new song. It's our favorite because of the colossal energy that emanate from it and transfigure us on stage. Quite short but very very energetic!

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Last time we've seen together, before the holidays break, the more listened bands were Fear Before The March of Flame, The Mars Volta, Circa Survive, Rumble In Rhodos, and a band I discovered two days ago Dance Gavin Dance.

9. What's next for ...In Memory Off...?

In September we go back to compose the new album, we have 5 new songs yet, and then when we'll have 12 we'll go to the studio, the new album should be available before summer 2009. Also we'll try to find new contacts for gigs out of france to be on the road as much as possible.

10. Any shoutouts?

Thanks a lot for your interest, for people who read this and maybe listen our songs. Spread the word about In memory off, and our sound engineer www. myspace. com/romtomcat